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General Racing Rules

  1. Streaming is required for all recorded races. Currently, we allow a race monitor (person who created the room) to disable streaming enforcement. This should only be done for tournament races on a stream delay or other scenarios where streaming shouldn't be enforced. Failure to provide a VOD with proof of your finish time will likely result in a disqualification.
  2. Only permitted glitches (listed as competitive rules as seen below) for No Glitches logic races are allowed. Any race using a glitched ruleset should use the "Beat the game (glitches)" goal in
  3. You may .done to complete your race when the mosaic pixelation starts on the screen, from entering the Triforce room or after the animation of pulling the pedestal is finished (for pedestal goal seeds).
  4. All voice calls are banned while racing on a recordable race. This includes but not limited to tournament races, pickup races, and daily races. If you have a phone call from family, work or an emergency, you are allowed to take these while racing, but we ask that they be brief.
    1. You may also use the "Voice Call" goal for these races. Use "Beat the game (assisted)" for races that involve communication with a teammate, you are only allowed to be in a voice call with your teammate.
  5. Auto-tracking is allowed. The auto-tracker can only perform the following actions automatically (Full Autotracking Document)
    1. Record and track any item collected by a player, or record items already pre-equipped (for example, starting boots, sword, flute, etc).
    2. Record and track any small or big keys collected by a player.
    3. Record when the dungeon boss has been defeated and the reward collected from it (excluding distinguishing between 5/6 and other crystals).
    4. Record and track checked locations, both outside and inside dungeons.
  6. Emulator-specific functionality is banned (fast forward, save states, disabling layer rendering, etc), with the exception of "Joypad Swap", "Switch Controllers", or similar functions that allow changing your input device (controls must remain 1 for 1). The "runahead" feature must be disabled in Retroarch.
  7. ZSNES and Snes9x 1.4x are BANNED (they probably don't even work anyway).
  8. No controller turbo, no left+right or up+down
  9. Do not get help from another human during the race, do not look at the streams of other players.
  10. Do not post anything in chat, or put in a comment that contains spoilers. When in doubt, wait until the race has concluded before adding a comment to your race.
  11. ROM and RAM inspection (except for auto-tracking) are BANNED.
  12. If the game is generated on, it must remain unmodified after it is saved to your computer.

Spoiler log race exception

  1. Looking at another player's stream is allowed for spoiler log races (and only spoiler log races).

If in doubt of the above, please ask!

Suspected rule violations or cheating should be raised to the TARC admins. You can find them on the discord linked here:

ALTTPR Racing Ruleset

The following table is a list of techniques that are allowed in ALTTP Randomizer races. A "" in each column indicates that a technique is allowed for that rule set.

Most races are done under the "Competitive" ruleset where only minor glitches are allowed. This ruleset is used with "No Glitches" logic: you're allowed to do minor glitches, but the logic assumes you don't.

The "Major Glitches" (MG) ruleset is similar to what the vanilla speedrunning calls RMG, and is also used in Hybrid Major Glitches racing.

ALTTPR Racing Ruleset
Competitive OWG1 MG1 No Logic 1
Dark Room Navigation 2
Silverless Ganon 2
Torch Glitch
Houlihan Room
Item Dash
Super Speed
Bomb Dash / Chest Dash
Invisible Purple Chest
Medallion Cancel
LSD Blind
Block Clipping
Mirror Block Erase
Sanc And Quit
Magic Cape Cheapskate
Fire Rod Doubling
Bonk Prize Pre-Grab
Heart Dupe
Prize On The Eyes
Somaria Magic Refill
Capedash Underflow
Spooky Action
Bomb Duping
Bomb Jumps
Interior Rail Clipping
Water Walk
Fake Flippers
Fake Powder
Barrier Revival
Somaria Barrier Skip
Medallion Barrier Skip
Super Bunny
Surfing Bunny
Wriggling Bunny
Overworld Bunny Revival
Dungeon Bunny Revival
0HP Dungeon Revival
Unbunny Beam
Bunny Pocket
Potion Camera Unlock
Armos Shake Storage
Mimic Clipping
Moldorm Bounce
Extended Auto Stairs
Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce
Diver Down
Door State Extension (Icebreaker)
Overworld OoB Clips
Mirror Clipping
Mirror Screenwraps
Mirror Jumps
Overworld YBA
Overworld Fake Flute
Remote Control Boomerang
Underworld OoB Clips
Somaria Transition Corruption
Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure
Door Jukes
Mirror Door
Wrong Warp
Quadrant Glitch
Tree Warp
Overworld Conveyor
Underworld Fake Flute
Exploration Glitch
ACE via Ancilla Misslotting
Out-of-bounds SRAM Editing

Notes: If there are any techniques missing from this list or you think that additional clarifications are needed please contact a member of the TARC Admin team.

1: Glitched Mode Rulesets are pending review from the glitch racing communities and additional techniques and rules classification may be added needed.

2: This technique can be forced by using certain settings in No Glitches logic.