Overworld Bunny Revival

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Overworld Bunny Revival
Classification Minor Glitch
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Overworld Bunny Revival is a glitch that allows the player to obtain full Link state without the Moon Pearl by being revived by a fairy while over deep water.


This glitch can be performed in a few ways:

  • Jump into the water from a high ledge and take enough damage to cause a death before hitting the water.
  • If the player has the flippers, they can do the Surfing Bunny glitch and then take a death while swimming/surfing.


This glitch can be useful in Entrance Randomizer seeds to gain full Link abilities to reach out of logic locations.


Surfing Bunny Damage During Jump into Water
OverworldBunnyRevival-Surfing.gif OverworldBunnyRevival - Damage Hop.gif

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