Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce

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Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce
Classification Minor Glitch
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Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce is a glitch that uses the Lamp to cause a Somaria block to start bouncing on its own. This is an example of Active Ancilla Manipulation that is allowed in the Competitive ALTTPR Ruleset.


Execution of this glitch requires some ancilla slot manipulation. The Someria block needs to be in slot0 and the Lamp flame that controls the bounce needs to be in slot3. The following steps are done to achieve this.

1. Set a Somaria block down.

2. Detonate the Somaria block and place another while the four projectiles from the previous block are still on screen.

3. Menu to the lamp.

4. Pick up and throw the somaria block to the right.

5. Quickly use the Lamp twice while the Somaria block is on the ground and the Somaria block should start to bounce.

The direction the player faces when using the lamp affects how the block bounces. The most useful application is to be facing upwards after throwing the Somaria block. This can give the block an extra bit of distance to hit a switch further away is the lamp is used while the block is skidding on the ground..


Uses of this glitch are fairly niche and mostly considered Swag. One useful application involves assisting a player trapped in the Turtle Rock Crystaroller Room by giving slightly extra distance to a thrown block to hit the switch.


Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce
Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce - TR Crystaroller.gif