Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure

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Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure (YBA) is a set of glitches you can achieve by drinking a potion at the moment you transition screens. The effect of the YBA depends on where you are and what kind of bottle you drink.

Subtile YBA

To perform a subtile YBA, drink a red or green potion in a subtile door. You need to have less-than-full health (for red) or magic (for green), so that you will be able to drink the potion.

The underworld map is divided evenly into "supertiles", which are twice the size of the screen in both dimensions. Many rooms are the size of your screen, and those are subtiles. A door that takes you to a new room on the same supertile is a subtile door.

You can see the layout of the tiles in the underworld on the annotated EG map.

A red YBA will cause an "elliptical fade-out" effect that you press A to complete. A green YBA will refill your magic and health. Either way, the result will then change what subtile the game believes you're on, while leaving you inside the door. If you walk through the door, it will skip over the subtile it was supposed to go to, and instead take you to the edge of the next supertile in that direction.

Some YBAs involve backing out of the door and doing something different at this point, but the most common thing to do is walk through the door to its new destination.

As an example, this subtile YBA allows you to skip part of Agahnim's Tower and save a key:

The path of a subtile YBA from the first room of Aga's Tower

North YBA example

We'll continue with the Aga's Tower example, which is a YBA in a north-facing door.

As long as the door is not an autodoor (see below), you can inch into the door by holding out your sword sideways. You've reached the correct spot when you can only see 1 pixel of Link's feet.

Moving sideways into the door
The desired position for a YBA

Press up and Y simultaneously to cause the YBA. In this example, we used a red potion, so the elliptical fade-out happens; press A to continue.

During the effect of a red YBA

When the effect completes, you've changed the subtile the game thinks you're on. You can walk through the door to reach the bottom of the next supertile.

Where you end up after the YBA

If you drink a blue potion instead, you will cause Underworld Fake Flute, an effect that is too glitchy even to be allowed in No Logic and will probably hardlock your game if you keep playing anyway.

Bomb snapping

Doors that you have to open with bombs or by defeating enemies are autodoors, which move you through them automatically. You won't naturally be able to stop in an autodoor, but in an upward-facing door, you can accomplish this by interrupting your movement with a bomb.

To start, line up against the door on the highest pixel you can be on without entering the door. Sliding sideways along the wall with your sword out is one way to get here.

Lining up for a bomb snap

Place a bomb in the door, tap up to enter the door, and pick up the bomb just before you screen transition. You should be able to see just your legs in the door. If you see more of your sprite, you're in the wrong position because you picked up the bomb too early.

After grabbing the bomb

Now you're holding a bomb that's about to explode. The next step, conveniently, involves using a bomb that's about to explode. You can use the same bomb for both steps, but if the bomb explodes, that's okay -- you're still in the correct position and can place another bomb and pick it up.

Throw the about-to-explode bomb. When it lands and is flashing, tap up and press A shortly afterward. This explosion should knock you fully into the door without transitioning the screen.

Snapped into the door

From this position, you can YBA, and after the YBA effect resolves you'll automatically transition through the door to its new glitched destination. In this example, drinking a red or green potion while tapping up will take you to Misery Mire.

Supertile YBA

To perform a supertile YBA, drink a red or blue potion in a supertile door. You need to have less-than-full health or magic, so that you can drink the potion.

A red potion will have the same fade-out effect as in the subtile YBA. A blue potion will pop up a text box or menu, generally the text box that you've seen most recently. The setup is otherwise the same as subtile YBA.

Performing a supertile YBA will take you to a subtile position (in the middle of a supertile). The position will be "behind" you, in the same supertile -- a subtile away from the door from where you started. However, the game will think you moved to the next room.

The graphics will not change at this point. If you back out of the door, you'll have to navigate with the graphics offset from where you really are.

Some more specific effects depend on whether you're decreasing a coordinate (going north or west), or increasing a coordinate (going south or east).

North or west supertile YBAs

You can immediately enter the door after the YBA. It will not move you very far (because now it thinks it's a subtile door), but it may have beneficial effects such as fixing the graphics or just getting the door out of your way.

One thing you might do next is navigate back to the door you YBAed in and enter it again, which has the effect of skipping an entire supertile.

Example: North YBA to Rando Room

This YBA lets you reach the Rando Room from the large basement room in Ganon's Tower.

A diagram of the YBA to Rando Room
  • Step 1 (yellow arrow): perform a north supertile YBA in the northeast door, and walk through the door. This loads the data from the next tile while sending you backward halfway across the room.
  • Step 2 (green arrow): navigate carefully back to the door. (If you fall, you'll land in an empty room and be softlocked.)
  • Step 3 (cyan arrow): walk through the door to skip a supertile and end up at the south edge of the Rando Room.

A more complete description of how to get to Rando Room in no logic

South or east supertile YBAs

Unlike north/west supertile YBAs, if you immediately enter the door going south or east, you will travel forward by a subtile into the room that the door points to. The room will be loaded correctly. This could still put you at an interesting location in the room that you wouldn't have normally gotten to.

Inputting the direction toward or away from the door will send you through the door.

To get the effect of a north/west YBA, you can use perpendicular movements (for example, left or right in a south door) to back out of the door a few pixels, but without leaving the door entirely. Then walk through the door. This sends you backward by a subtile but loads the next room.

Example: South YBA from PoD to Hera

This is an example of a south-facing YBA that takes you from Palace of Darkness to the top of Tower of Hera. This isn't because PoD and ToH are close on the map: it's because you use the YBA to load the wrong room data while staying in the same room, and the wrong room data says that falling in a pit should take you somewhere instead of doing damage. The place that falling in this room happens to take you -- which doesn't come up in unglitched gameplay -- is the top of Hera.

Enter the door sideways with your sword out, and stop when the top 2 pixels of your sprite are visible.

Tap down and drink a red or blue potion at the same moment.

In this example we drink a blue potion, so it pops up an arbitrary text box. This one is the bottle vendor dialogue, which ends with a question -- be sure to answer "yes" to the question if the box asks one, because "no" means save and quit.

The effect of a blue supertile YBA

If you enter the door right away, this moves you a subtile to the south, and that's boring. You want to move a subtile to the north with the wrong room data, so you need to back out of the door.

Pressing either up or down will cause you to enter the door, so press left or right until you're a few pixels out of the door. Then press down to transition through the door. You end up a subtile to the north and then autowalk to a valid location.

The important thing is that you've loaded (from the room below) the ability to fall into a different room, and in this location that happens to be the Tower of Hera. Walk off the ledge to get there.

Spin YBA

To perform a spin YBA, hold out and charge your sword while setting up a YBA, and release it during the effect. This is easy to do with a red or blue potion. If you're using a green potion, you need to be sure to release the sword spin while your hearts or magic are refilling.

A subtile spin YBA will skip an extra supertile compared to the non-spin subtile YBA, moving you 1.5 supertiles in that direction instead of half a supertile.

The path of a subtile spin YBA

Overworld YBA

Red potion YBAs can be used in the overworld. The effects are difficult to describe, but here are a few instances:

A blue YBA on an overworld supertile transition triggers Fake Flute.