Unbunny Beam

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Unbunny Beam
Classification Minor Glitch
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Unbunny Beam involves getting bunny beamed and exiting the dungeon before the bunny beam effect wears off. Then when you next trigger a Super Bunny or become Link, you will "poof" into Link with all capabilities. You may also temporarily be in a "Super Link" state where are invisible and invulnerable.

This glitch has also been variously known as the "Bunny Beam Storage" glitch or "Unpoofing".


To perform this glitch, become bunny beamed when you don't have the moon pearl and leave the dungeon before the effect would normally wear off. Then when you next perform a Super Bunny or turn into Link this glitch will activate.


This glitch allows you to sequence break the moon pearl, allowing you to become Link in situations which other minor glitches cannot.

This glitch is most useful in modes which may require you to navigate the overworld as a bunny, for example Inverted or Entrance randomizer.

For example, in Inverted, this glitch can be used with the bunny beam in Thieves Town to allow you to become Link in the Light World overworld by talking to the Bottle Merchant to activate the glitch, or can be used to become Link in the Well, Blind's Basement, and Chicken Hut to bomb open the walls. Similarly, this glitch is required to check the two items at the "top" of Paradox Cave behind the bombable wall if you don't have the pearl. Arming the glitch inside of Turtle Rock and activating it on the Floating Island item is the only known way to sequence break to the NW side of Death Mountain without the moon pearl in Inverted. This glitch can be useful when fighting Ganon without the moon pearl.

In Entrance randomizer, it can be used to become Link in the overworld and in certain caves that require Y items (Mimic Cave and Hookshot Cave, for example). Of all game modes, this glitch may be most useful in Entrance randomizer, however the application of this glitch does necessitate having access to a dungeon entrance with a bunny beam near where you will activate the glitch.

In Open mode this glitch has very limited use in a race setting as it is not probable that the time spent performing the glitches required for overworld bunny navigation will be worth avoiding the moon pearl. In Open mode, this glitch is the only known way to sequence break the Spike Cave without the moon pearl, but requires that you have already opened Ganon's Tower, making the applications of this glitch astronomically nonviable in Open mode in a race setting.


Activating this glitch always turns you into Link, but it will sometimes also make you become invisible and invulnerable temporarily ("Super Link"). If you arm this glitch (become bunny beamed) while in Super Bunny or when you are Link (for example, via Dungeon Bunny Revival), then when you activate the glitch it will also make you invisible and invulnerable.

Unlike when using the cape, the invisibility affect also applies to your shadow, making it difficult to navigate through the game. The invisibility wears off sometimes when transitioning between Overworld and Underworld screens, or when walking up or down stairs in the Underworld.

The invulnerability typically lasts for one room or screen only and makes you invulnerable to most collisions that would cause damage, allowing you to walk through enemy sprites and ignore damage. The invulnerability also makes you unable to walk through your own mirror portal (though warp tiles will still work). The invulnerability will wear off when you:

  • Transition screens
  • Dash on floor spikes
  • Kill a Wallmaster
  • Bonk
  • Hop down off a ledge
  • Splash into/out of the water
  • Receive an item from an NPC
  • Turn on/off the Cape or the Cane of Byrna
  • Probably lots other things

If performing this glitch in Inverted mode, this glitch will prematurely activate when you reenter the overworld as all bunny beams in A Link to the Past are in Dark World dungeons (you will transform into Link once you exit the dungeon to the Dark World activating this glitch). To prevent this you must set up a mirror spot in front the dungeon entrance where you will be exiting from, forcing Link to bonk into the Light World before this glitch prematurely activates.

Once armed this glitch can be disarmed by:

  • Saving & Quitting
  • Taking Damage
  • Being ejected from water
  • Probably other things


Inverted Mode Ganon with Unbunny Beam
Unpoof - inverted Ganon Fight.gif