Invisible Purple Chest

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Invisible Purple Chest
Classification Minor Glitch
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Invisible Purple Chest is a set of glitches that exploit situations where the game still considers the player to still have a follower even after dropping the chest. This can be exploited in two different ways for a minor time save:

  1. Mirroring to the Desert Thief NPC without the chest following to receive the item.
  2. Save and Quitting in the Dark World without the chest following to warp its current position to the light world.


Invisible Purple Chest Item

To collect the item without the chest following, the player must leave the purple chest behind in the Dark World and mirror next to the NPC that gives the item. It's important to note that you must only mirror once after dropping the Purple Chest. A typical situation where this glitch is useful would be getting the item from Cave 45 after picking up the Purple Chest, taking the portal back to the Dark World, picking up the item from Stumpy if you haven't already, dashing to the NPC location in the Dark World, and then mirroring close enough to the NPC to receive the item as soon as you're in the Light World.

Purple Chest World Warp

While the player is in the Dark World leave the chest behind and then do a Save and Quit to the Light World. The Purple Chest will then be in the same overworld position where it was left but shifted to the Light World and can be re-collected and brought to the NPC.


This glitch is mainly just useful as a time save to allow the use the boots en-route to the NPC. Purple Chest World Warp can especially be useful to allow more Dark World routing before doing the Save & Quit such as going up to Hype Cave, Pyramid Ledge, or Catfish without losing the chest follower.


Opening Invisible Purple Chest Purple Chest World Warp
Invispurplechest.gif] Invisble Purple Chest - World Warp.gif

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