Somaria Magic Refill

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Somaria Magic Refill
Classification Minor Glitch
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Somaria Magic Refill is a glitch that allows the player to refill their magic using the Cane of Somaria while overloading ancilla slots.


There are several ways to fill up the ancilla slots that work. One such method is to place a Somaria block, explode it, and then place another Somaria block, then by filling the remaining ancilla slots with 3 arrows and 1 bomb you can then spam use Somaria to keep activating a "refund" to refill the magic meter until the arrows/bombs despawn and the block explodes.

This can also be accomplished by just quickly using Somaria in a rhythmic fashion in an area where all the Somaria projectiles are still on screen but this method is significantly more difficult.

Note: You need to have at least enough magic to place two Somaria blocks for this to work. Additionally, you can actually overfill your magic using this method which can visually break the meter and will give you a "no magic" error when trying to use some items requiring magic. This can be fixed by grabbing a magic decanter of any size to refill magic, by getting hit by an anti-fairy to drain your magic back to a valid value, or by using a Medallion, a Cape, or sometimes the Cane of Byrna.


This glitch can be useful situations such as refilling magic during boss fights that require heavy magic use such as Kholdstare, Trinexx, or Ganon.


Somaria Magic Refill
Item Combination Detail Example
Cane of Somaria Cane of Somaria/Explode Cane of Somaria, Arrow Arrow Arrow Bomb Bomb, Cane of SomariaSpam Place a Somaria block, explode it, and then immediately place another Somaria block. Next, shoot three arrows into the wall and then try to place two bombs (the second bomb should fail). Finally, switch to Somaria and keep using the Somaria until the placed block explodes. Your magic should have refilled if successful. Somaria Magic Refill.gif
Bomb Bomb Magical Boomerang, Cane of SomariaSpam Place two bombs, throw the red boomerang, and then keep using using Somaria until either the Boomerang returns or the Bombs explode. Somariamagicrefill-redboom ganon.gif