Fake Flute

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Fake Flute
Classification Major Glitch
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Fake Flute is a major glitch that is one of the possible effects of Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure (YBA).

Overworld Fake Flute

Overworld Fake Flute is an overworld glitch that can be very useful for getting around in the dark world.

If you drink a blue bottle at exactly the moment you screen-transition in the overworld, you pull up the flute menu. You can flute to any of the usual locations.

In the Light World, this is just a replacement for having the flute. In the Dark World, the location where you land will be in the Fake Light World, because you're in a Light World location but the Dark World is loaded. The next time you make a screen transition, you will end up in the corresponding place in the Dark World.

It's particularly useful to use Fake Flute when you're in bunny form because you don't have the Moon Pearl. When you land, you will be in Super Bunny mode. You can dash, use items, and attack things with your invisible sword, but you can't sword-dash. Be sure not to bonk, hop down, or take damage, because if you do, you will lose Super Bunny form.

You can convert from Super Bunny mode to normal Link mode by grabbing a pullable overworld object, such as a tree or statue. Because of this, the most common places you'll Fake Flute to as a bunny are:

  • Location 3, where you can walk toward Bumper Cave and grab the tree there
  • Location 7, where you can walk east and grab the center statue

Once you do that, you can navigate the Dark World overworld as Link. However, you only get to go inside once. When you come back outside, you will be stuck in bunny form.

It can be helpful to have full health (and non-full magic) before you fake flute, especially when fluting to 3, so that you can attack enemies with sword beams.

Example: Fake Flute to 7

The most typical place to set up fake flute is this screen transition on Dark Death Mountain, because it's one that you can easily reach as a bunny. Transitioning left is easier than transitioning right, because you move 2 pixels left on the first frame, giving you a 2-pixel window to line it up.

Select your blue potion. Make sure to have less-than-full health or magic, so that you can drink it. Line up at the left edge of the screen, so that one left input will transition the screen.

Lining up at the left edge of the screen

Press left and Y at the same time to activate Fake Flute.

This provides you with access to outdoor locations like the digging game, Stumpy, and possibly the pyramid and the catfish. You can go inside somewhere like Hype Cave, but you'll come out as a bunny.

Underworld Fake Flute

Plaid World

Underworld Fake Flute happens when you drink the "wrong" potion for a YBA during an underworld screen transition: a blue potion on a subtile transition, or a green potion on a supertile transition.

Underworld Fake Flute will take you to the flute map, and you can choose a destination to flute to. You will land in an overworld location while the game's code still expects you to be in the underworld. The result takes you to the Plaid World, a world of glitched overworld and underworld tiles where many things will hardlock your game. Plaid World is a major glitch that is not allowed in any randomizer racing ruleset.