Torch Glitch

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Torch Glitch
Classification Minor Glitch
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Torch Glitch

Torch Glitch is a glitch the player can do at the beginning of Phase 4 of Ganon that prevents the right side torch from ever being extinguished.


As long as Link re-lights the left torch during the brief window before the other torch goes out then the glitch is activated.

Using the lamp to light the torch is typically the safest method of activating torch glitch. Fire Rod requires some special timing and positioning and has a risk of not reading a controller input on the same frame the torch goes out which can cause a miss.


This glitch is especially useful for doing a Silverless Ganon fight. Having to light only a single torch saves a significant amount of time doing sword-spins.


Example Using Lamp Example Using Fire Rod
Torchglitch-lamp.gif Torchglitch-firerod.gif