Super Bunny

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Super Bunny
Classification Minor Glitch
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Super Bunny is a glitch in which you gain partial use of Link's abilities (namely use of the sword and Pegasus Boots) in the Dark World without obtaining the Moon Pearl

Super Bunny Skills

Superbunny Link can do the following:

  • Use a Sword
  • Use the Pegasus Boots
  • Open Chests
  • Lift Objects
  • Pull a lever (sometimes useful in Inverted/Entrance modes)

Setting Up Super Bunny

Fall Through a Hole

If the player falls through a hole that has another floor below it, Link will be Super Bunny on the new floor. An example of this would be entering Skull Woods as bunny and falling into one of its entrances. Link will be super bunny inside the dungeon.

Using Superbunny State to access chests in Superbunny Cave:

Literal Superbunny Cave.gif

Using Superbunny in Skull Woods and using Wallmaster to get link state:

Super Bunny Skull Woods.gif

Picking up an Item

Talking to any NPC who gives the player something (such as Stumpy or the Bottle Merchant) will give Link Super Bunny status. Additionally, picking up an item on the ground (Mushroom Spot, Inside Spectacle Rock) will give Link Super Bunny Status. Essentially, Link achieves Super Bunny Status after the "item get" animation.

Mirror Transitions to Underworld

By mirroring on the same frame Bunny Link enters a house or cave, the player will become Super Bunny inside.

Some simple ways to find the last pixel before the transition to prep this technique is to attempt to move into a doorway with a diagonal movement or to enter the cave and exit again (although not all entrances are amenable to these methods).

Using Mirror Transition to get the items in Mire Shed:

Mire Mirror Superbunny.gif

Damage Boosting transitions to Underworld

By taking damage on the same frame Bunny Link enters a house or cave, the player will become Super Bunny inside.

While not true for all enemies and all entrances, typically, enemies will push you into the transition themselves and timing a D-Pad input will not be necessary.

Using a Damage Boost to get the items in mire shed:

Mire DBoost Superbunny.gif

Opening Up Desert Palace

Opening up Desert Palace with the book puts Link into Super Bunny if you are a bunny. This is moderately useful in Inverted mode, but isn't a very useful application of the glitch.

Mirroring from Deep Water in the Light World to Shallow Water in the Dark World

If you mirror from a shallow water spot in the Dark World where there is deep water in the Light World (for example, several spots in Lake Hylia), when you use your mirror portal to go back to the Dark World you will be in Super Bunny and a Walk on Water state.

This application of the glitch is not very useful except maybe for expediency, and a simpler setup to sequence break the moon pearl requirement of the Hylia Island (faster than wriggling over would take). This will not sequence break the flippers requirement as this glitch requires the flippers.

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