Fake Flippers

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Fake Flippers
Classification Minor Glitch
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Fake Flippers is an exclusive JP 1.0 glitch that allows Link to swim without actually having the Flippers. This can be useful for sequence breaking item locations such as Hobo, Waterfall Fairy, and Zora's Domain.


There are three main classifications on how to perform the Fake Flippers.

Screen Transition

  • Align yourself to the exact edge of a screen transition then jump into water while holding the direction into the transition. This will scroll the screen before Link can be booted out of the water giving him a swimming state.
Screen Transition (Lake Hylia) Screen Transition (Qirn Jump) Screen Transition (Hobo Area)
FakeFlipper Transition.gif Fakeflipper-qirnjump.gif Fakeflippers-hobo.gif

Fairy Revival

  • Have a fairy in a bottle and go to an area that you can jump into deep water. Jump into water and take a death before respawning out of the water (typically using a held bomb) and the fairy will revive Link and put him into a swimming state.
Fairy Revival (Dark Lake Hylia)
Fakeflipper fairyrevival.gif

Splash Delete

  • This method prevents the splash effect from occurring when Link jumps into the water by filling up all available ancilla slots before attempting to swim. It is the splashing effect itself that starts the game's routine to boot Link out of the water, so if the splash never spawns the game will never try to kick Link out giving a Fake Flippers state.

The following table is a list of common setups to delete the splash ancilla to activate Fake Flippers.

Fake Flippers Splash Deletion Setups
Item Combination Notes Example
Arrow Arrow Arrow Bomb Bomb Shoot 3 arrows into wall, place two bombs, then jump in water Splashdelete-arrow3bomb2.gif
Cane of Somaria Bomb Bomb Magical Boomerang Place Somaria Block, place two bombs, throw boomerang then jump in water while boomerang still active Splashdelete-canebomb2redboom.gif
Cane of Somaria Bomb Bomb Magical Boomerang Same as above but for Zora Ledge. Jump into the water facing left as close as you can to the bottom ledge. Place Somaria Block, place two bombs, throw boomerang then quickly jump in water and swim to the ledge while boomerang still active to make the jump. Zoraledge-canebomb2redboom.gif
Bomb Bomb Magical Boomerang Magical Boomerang/Clink Place 2 bombs, use boomerang and jump into water as the boomerang clinks against a wall Bomb-bomb-redboom clink.gif
Arrow Arrow Magical Boomerang Magical Boomerang/Clink Place 2 arrows, use boomerang and jump into water as the boomerang clinks against a wall Splashdelete-arrow2redboomclink.gif
Bomb Bomb Cane of Somaria Cane of Somaria/Explode Place two bombs, place Somaria Block, then jump in water right after exploding block. Note one bomb can also work for this setup depending the number of active Somaria Shots on screen Splashdelete-bomb2caneexplode.gif
Bomb Bomb Ice Rod Ice Rod Place two bombs, quickly shoot two Ice Rod shots, then jump in water. Note timing is finnicky due to Ice Rod particles active Splashdelete-bombbombiceice.gif

Working setups of splash delete are not limited to the examples shown above. Other setups can include the use of the Cane of Byrna, Blue Boomerang, Sword Beams, or an activated Flute to help fill an ancilla slot. Using these items are a little more niche but can typically work well in tandem with Water Walk to access the Zora Ledge item.

Splash Delete Important Note

There are situations where the Splash Delete may not work due to a variable (slot index, $0C34) that can cause this method to fail. This variable can be set to an undesirable value by spamming arrows or the lamp which can happen during normal game play by fighting Armos Knights or Lanmolas with the Bow, or draining your magic with the lamp to set up for Fake Powder.

For a list of known setups on how to reset this variable to a working value check out Ancilla Slot Index.

Other Execution Notes

While Link is using Fake Flippers there are several ways that can break Link out of the state:

  • Moving onto dry land (Link will actually swim though shallow water while in Fake Flippers)
  • Taking Damage - Taking any damage while in Fake Flippers will attempt to respawn Link at the coordinates where he entered the water. If you are not on the same screen you began swimming from, this will cause the game to respawn you at invalid coordinates. Moving at this stage will likely cause an infinite screenwrap, hardlocking the game and rendering you unable to save and quit. To be safe, you should always save and quit if you find yourself in a potential glitched state.

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