Water Walk

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Water Walk
Classification Minor Glitch
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Water Walk is a minor glitch that allows Link to walk on water as if it were dry land.


There are two ways to trigger a water walk:

  • Store a nonzero pit variable ($5B) and then jump southwards onto a body of water.
  • Fake flipper into the waterfall fairy cave and exit while possessing the moon pearl.

Arming the Pit Variable

The following methods can be used to arm the pit variable to a nonzero value:

Dashing next to a pit and transitioning

This is most easily done in the underworld using Ice Rod Cave or Mini-Moldorm Cave. While overlapping the edge of the pit, dash out of the door:

Ice Rod Waterwalk.gif

Dashing Next to a Pit and bonking

In the Lost Woods:

Lost Woods bonk.gif

Fairy east of Sanctuary:

Sanc Fairy Bonk.gif

Skull Woods:

Skull Bonk.gif

Performing a Dash Turn Near a Hole

Any place you can use a bonk to set up the waterwalk, you can also do a dash turn over a hole. If your alignment is such that a bonk would arm the waterwalk, the dash turn should work as well. Walk over the edge of the pit. As you are walking, start a dash and turn away from the hole (do not dash). Release the dash buffer and walk away from the hole to arm the waterwalk.

Arming a waterwalk in Skull Woods:

Skull Dash Turn.gif

Fairy Revival

By reviving Link with a fairy as he's falling into a pit, you can arm a waterwalk. The example below would allow you to access the contents of waterfall cave without the boots or Moon Pearl:

File:Fairy Revival Waterwalk.mp4


Quick Zora Domain Traversal

Fake flipper with the Moon Pearl, enter and exit the waterfall cave:

File:Zora Traversal.mp4

Quick Hobo Access

After setting up the waterwalk by dashing out of Ice Rod Cave:

File:Quick Hobo.mp4

East Dark World Access

After Setting up the waterwalk in Skull Woods:

File:East DW Access.mp4

Access Hylia Island Item

After setting up the waterwalk in Skull Woods:

File:Hylia Island Walk.mp4

"Dark World Shopping Mall" Access (Entrance specific)

After setting up the waterwalk in Skull Woods:

File:DW Shopping Mall.mp4

Stacking Waterwalk and Fake Flipper

As long as you succeed on the first try, you can keep a stored waterwalk through a fake flipper. This has a couple of uses.

Waterwalk with flippers out of Ice Rod Cave

While this isn't a double waterwalk, this is an example of using a stored waterwalk after swimming with the flips

File:Walk with Flips.mp4

Access Zora Ledge Item Without Flippers

Note: You CANNOT do this and check the chests in the Waterfall Fairy as moving left/right in the underworld disarms the stored waterwalk

File:Zora Ledge Walk.mp4

Disarming the Waterwalk

Any of the following actions reset the pit variable and disarm the waterwalk

  • Walking near a pit
  • Jumping into water and being splashed out
  • Jumping southwards on the overworld
  • Moving left or right in the underworld
  • Travelling with the flute
  • Using the mirror
  • Saving and quitting

Disabling an Active Waterwalk

The following actions break an activated water walk:

  • Walking onto dry land
  • Taking damage
  • Bonking
  • Obtaining an item
  • Using the flute
  • Using the mirror
  • Walking on shallow water with the flippers