Bomb Jumps

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Bomb Jumps

Bomb Jumps are an exploit that allows Link to cross small gaps using the knock-back damage from a bomb.


There are two general methods to set up a bomb jump: Manually placing Link within 1-2 pixels of the edge of the pit or using a bonk.

Edge Lineup Method

For most bomb jumps the player just has to get within 1 or 2 pixels from the edge of the pit for a bomb jump to be sucessful. This can be done by holding out Link's sword and tapping backing up towards the edge without falling using a visual cue such Link's shadow. Once lined up, place a bomb and it should boost the player across a 2 tile wide gap.

Bomb Jump - Edge Lineup

Spin Setup for Edges

There is a special setup for getting to within one pixel of the edge of a pit by using a sword-spin. As Link gets close to the edge of a hole there is typically a special slipping animation before Link falls. If the player releases the spin during this animation while holding the direction away from the hole they will be placed on the edge of the pit.

  1. Charge a sword spin and walk in the direction TOWARDS the hole.
  2. As soon as Link visually starts slipping start holding the direction AWAY from the hole.
  3. While pressing AWAY from the whole and still in the slipping animation release the sword spin and stop holding any directions during the spin.
  4. Link should now be on the last pixel on the edge of the hole.

A benefit to this method is that it allows the player to place a bomb before the edge line up and can saves a little bit of time waiting for the bomb fuse.

Bomb Jump - Spin Setup

Bonk Method

On some pits the player can utilize a bonk just before a bomb explodes to give a wider range of up to 6 pixels away from the edge to get across the gap. This is mainly be used in the Tower of Hera or Skull Woods to cross the gap to the big chests.

Bomb Jump Bonk Setup

Item Dash Method

An Item Dash toward a pit can also be used to align on the closest pixel next to the hole. With certain items that have an animation at the end of the dash (such as the Hammer, Bow, Cane of Somaria, Magic Powder, etc.) the player can press away from the pit while in the slipping animation to finish using the item stopping all motion. This is similar in execution as the Spin Setup.

Item Dash Setup (Hammer)
Pit Lineup - Item Dash Setup Full.gif

Special Setups

In addition to the general setups there a some special bomb jumps that require more precise setups to cross the intended gap:

Ice Palace Bomb Jump

The Ice Palace Bomb Jump (IPBJ) requires two different alignments to get the proper diagonal trajectory to make it across the gap. This IPBJ setup guide can serve as a guide to show valid positions

Ice Palace Bomb Jump

Spectacle Rock Bomb Jump

This bomb jump is fairly unique in that it crosses a 3 tile gap. If the player a pixel or two into the right side wall before moving down into the bomb jump it will give an extra boost to make it across the gap

Spectacle Rock Bomb Jump

Turtle Rock Big Chest

This is another bomb jump that can cross a 3 tile gap . If the player position themselves so that the bomb slightly clips Link into the rail it will give the extra boost to make it to the Big Chest. A visual guide to the valid coordinates for this bomb jump can be seen in the image below.

Turtle Rock Big Chest Bomb Jump Working Positions (courtesy of Chexhuman)
Bombjump-TR Big Chest.gif Turtlerock-bombjump-positions.png

Uses and Examples

Other places in the game where bomb jumps can be useful:

Skull Woods Big Chest Skull Woods Mummy Hellway
Bombjump-sw-bigchest.gif Bombjump-sw-hellway.gif
Ice Palace Freezor Room Ice Palace Hookshot Room
Bombjump-ip-freezor.gif Bombjump-ip-hsroom.gif
Ganon's Tower Left Side Ganon's Tower Right Side
Bombjump-gt-leftside.gif Bombjump-gt-rightside.gif
Paradox Cave GT - Bob's Chest Mistake
Bombjump-paradox.gif Bombjump-gt-bobschest.gif
Misery Mire - Big Key Room
Bomb Jump - Mire Big Key Chest Room.gif

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