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Super Speed
Classification Minor Glitch
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Superspeed is a glitched state that gives the player full dashing speed while still having full directional control of their movement.



There are two different methods to arm super speed:

  • Charging a Swords-pin then pressing A exactly one frame after releasing the spin
  • Doing an Item Dash with either the Hookshot or a Medallion by pressing Y + A on the same frame.

If Link can no longer use the sword then spinspeed is armed.


Once super speed is armed, walk off a manual staircase without pressing left or right to activate the glitch. While active the player can use certain items such as the hookshot


While in Superspeed state actions that will deactivate superspeed but not disarm it include:

  • Taking damage
  • Using Fire Rod, Ice Rod, or a Medallion
  • Having a Somaria block on screen

Actions that will deactivate and disarm the glitch include:

  • Jumping off a ledge (touching a ledge in super speed will instantly quickhop)
  • Charging a dash.
  • Screen transitioning
  • Using automatic stairs


Common places to activate superspeed include:

  • Death Mountain Climb (Light and Dark World)
  • Eastern Palace Overworld
  • Eastern Palace Dungeon (Big Chest and Big Key Chest)
  • Kakariko Village
  • Village of Outcasts (Staircase and Thieve's Town Entrance)
  • Swamp Palace Overworld
  • Exiting Spike Cave
  • Pyramid

Additionally climbing stairs with the sword out or holding a bomb or Somaria block after activating super speed can greatly increase climbing speed and can typically be done on Death Mountain or entering Ganon's Tower.


Spinspeed - Death Mountain Hookspeed - Village of Outcasts Hookspeed - Eastern Big Chest
Superspeed-sword-DM.gif Superspeed-hook-voo.gif Superspeed-hook-EP.gif

Hookclimb - DM Stairs

Important Note

While superspeed is armed or active, pusing into some thin rails may clip inside of them and let you ledge hop out-of-bounds. This application is deemed major and should be avoided.