Bonk Prize Pre-Grab

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Bonk Prize Pre-Grab
Classification Minor Glitch
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Bonk Prize Pre-Grab is a glitch when the player can use the Boomerang or Hookshot to collect an invisible sprite inside of a bonkable object (such as bonkrocks, trees, or fountains) that is guaranteed to give an item. When the player bonks the object the item that should come out is instantly collected.


This technique can be useful for quickly collecting fairies from bonk-rocks that may run away or be difficult to collect otherwise.

Note that for bonkable rocks, the invisible sprite is located in the top left corner of the pile, so you will need to be left of or above the pile. The Boomerang can pass over the rock pile, so you can hit the sprite from any side.


Pre-Grabbing the Fairy on DM Byrna Swag
Bonk Prize PreGrab.gif Bonkprize pregrab - byrna swag.gif

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