Mimic Clipping

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Mimic Clipping
Classification Minor Glitch
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Mimic Clipping is a glitch that manipulates the movement pattern of Red Goriyas (Red Mimics) by slowly moving them through the wall in order to walk them off screen. This can open certain kill-room doors without having the Bow which is required to kill them.


To perform a Mimic Clip the player must press Left or Right for one frame immediately followed by UP or DOWN on the following frame. This is done repeatedly until the Mimic is far enough into the wall that the UP/DOWN movement will automatically force the enemy off the screen. The total number of input cycles required can range from a single cycle (when using a block) to approximately 11 cycles (when going straight into a wall)

If the LEFT/RIGHT input occurs for longer a single frame before the UP/DOWN input, Mimic will start to be pushed out of the wall losing some or all progress.

Using a Block

In Ganon's Tower the Mimics1 room has a few blocks present at the bottom of the screen than can get the mimics most of the way into the wall to start by walking them straight into the block from the start. The vertical alignment of the bottom mimic is already set when entering the room and the player just needs to walk the Mimic straight down to get the enemy into place.

Start/Select Buffering

Using a start or select buffering method can greatly help executing this glitch. Press the LEFT/RIGHT input immediately followed by pressing Start/Select. If the LEFT/RIGHT input was correctly done for a single frame simply hold UP/DOWN after exiting the menu to lock into place.


This can also be done bufferless method by the player quickly dragging your finger across the D-pad to tap the LEFT/RIGHT followed by the UP/DOWN. This is a similar the motion required to activate Superspeed by using a Sword Spin


There are three places in the game where this glitch may be utilized to bypass a Bow requirement:

  • Ganon's Tower - Mimics 1
  • Ganon's Tower - Mimics 2
  • Palace of Darkness on the Bow Locked side


Mimic Clip - GT Mimics1 (Using Block) Mimic Clip - GT Mimics2
Mimicclip-GT-mimics1.gif Mimicclip-GT-mimics2.gif

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