Potion Camera Unlock

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Potion Camera Unlock
Classification Minor Glitch
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Potion Camera Unlock, or PCU, is a glitch that uses a potion, fairy revival, or a bonk to interrupt the underworld camera controls by preventing it from locking into place. The player then transitions to another room within the same super-tile and allows the camera to scroll when it otherwise would be fixed in place. This effect can be used in certain trap-rooms by moving enemy sprites off screen to trick the game into thinking all enemies have been defeated and then opening the door.


To perform the glitch the player needs to start in the middle of a long room where the screen scrolls horizontally and the camera has not yet reached the end of the screen. From here, use one of the following methods to unlock the camera:

  1. Use a potion while walking in the desired direction and then make a screen transition north or south before the camera touches the edge of the screen.
  2. Have a fairy in a bottle and be at low enough health to take a death that knocks the player into the desired direction they want to unlock the camera.
  3. Bonk against a rail and then make a screen transition. (Only used in Turtle Rock before entering the Double Pokeys Room)

After the screen transition, move Link in the opposite direction they initiated the glitch to then scroll the camera and manipulate enemies off screen.

Important Note

After using the camera to manipulate enemies off screen, if the player goes though a door either East or West then the camera MUST be locked back into place before going through the transition. Failure to do so will cause the game to load incorrect room data. The use of the glitch in this way is determined to be major and its use is not allowed in Competitive races. This is only known to apply when using PCU in the following rooms:

  • Turtle Rock - Double Pokey Room
  • Ganon's Tower - Mimics 1

Uses and Examples

PoD Mimics with Potion PoD Mimics with Fairy
PCU-pod-potion.gif PCU-Pod-fairy.gif
TR Double Pokeys (Camera Fix) GT Mimics1 (Camera Fix)
PCU-trdoublepokey.gif PCU-gtmimics1.gif
Agahnim 2 Fight Paradox Cave
PCU - Aga2.gif PCU-paradox.gif