Door State Extension

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Door State Extension
Classification Minor Glitch
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Door State Extension is a glitch that allows the player to pass through some obstacles by extending the distance the game presumes Link is still within a doorway.


There are three known methods to perform a clip using a Door State Extension that varies by application but using either the Cane of Somaria, Boots, or a Net Dash Catch


The Somaria method can be used for the Icebreaker clip in Ice Palace:

  1. Walk up against the rail.
  2. Move one frame to the LEFT.
  3. Move out of the door by pressing v>.
  4. As you are walking, drop a Somaria Block and let go of the D-Pad.
  5. Move one frame to the LEFT and then press v.



The Boots method is mainly used in the north doors in the main hub of Misery Mire:

  1. While in the doorway, walk straight down and line up with the rail.
  2. Once against the rail, move UP one frame. (Use a sword buffer if necessary)
  3. Tap <A at the same time. If done correctly Link will dash through the rail.

Boots Door State Extension.gif

Fairy Catch Net Dash

The Fairy Catch Net Dash method is extremely luck dependent and not at all recommended for normal use. This is included mainly for completion sake for possible Icebreaker setups.

  1. Face LEFT and Sword Charge while in the door frame.
  2. Press v> to move out towards the rail until X-coordinate is F29 and stop
  3. Release a Fairy from a bottle and then menu to the Bug Net.
  4. Pause for a moment for the Fairy to start moving and then do a Net Dash (YA) to try and catch the Fairy on the same frame that Link's starts to move after charging the dash.
  5. Hold ^ after the catch text box and Link should clip through the wall if successful.

[Show/hide] Example

IceBreaker - Cursed Net Dash (~76th try)
Door State Extension - Icebreaker (Net Dash).gif

Uses and Examples

Door State Extension - Icebreaker Door State Extension - Mire Hub North
Door State Extension - IceBreaker.gif Door State Extension - Mire Hub North.gif

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