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The Houlihan Room is a secret room containing 225 rupees that cannot be accessed via normal means. When the player falls into a hole in the Overworld the game observes Link's position to determine where he should be sent to in the Underworld. If there is a displacement between Link's pixel position and that of the Overworld camera the game may not be able to determine where to send Link and instead sends him to the Houlihan Room as a fail-safe. Exiting the room will take the player to the front of Link's House.


There are several ways to access the Houlihan room:

  1. Without flippers: Walk to the fairy drop-drown hole just East of the Graveyard then walk all the way north into the nook just left of the Cave entrance then walk straight down and hop into the water from the high ledge four times. Alternatively, if exiting from the nearby cave, only three hops are needed. After the last jump walk over to the fairy hole and fall from the top.
  2. With Gloves: Go to the Graveyard and push open the gravestone that leads to the back of Escape but do not fall down. Position Link slightly below the hole, place a bomb and allow the explosion to push Link into the hole.
  3. With Boots: Bonk against the bottom row of trees at the Death Mountain ascent cave area to align with the bottom edge of the screen then dash-turn downwards then dash into the transition. Travel to the Fairy Hole area east of the Graveyard and enter from the bottom.
  4. With Boots and if the Ganon Hole is open in the Dark world: Travel one screen East and one screen North of the Pyramid and bonk against the wall to align the player with the bottom of the screen. Dash-turn downwards and dash into the transition. Travel back to the Pyramid screen and climb towards the Ganon hole. Align the player on the left hand side of the final stairs then fall into the hole pressing up.


This room can be useful to get a one-time injection of rupees for early game purchases such as bombs or the bottle vendor. It is also frequently used to help farm the 500 rupees required for purchasing the item from King Zora.

This glitch may also be used to allow you to return to the Light World while retaining your mirror portal location in the case that you have defeated Aga1 (if you have not defeated Aga1, a Save & Continue is generally more expedient in this situation).


No Flippers Method Gloves and Bomb Method
HoulihanRoom - No Flippers.gif HoulihanRoom-EscapeHole.gif
Boots Method Boots Method (Ganon Hole)
Houlihan-bonk.gif Houlihan-ganonhole.gif