Dark Room Navigation

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Dark Room Navigation

Dark Room Navigation is a technique that allows the player to traverse dark rooms without having the Lamp. This is not a glitch but generally not something the logic of the randomizer will expect the player to have to do (with some notable exceptions)


Navigating dark rooms generally requires the player to be generally familiar with the rooms before trying to traverse though them without the light cone. A collection of all the dark rooms in the game can be seen here in PhantomRyu's Dark Room Image Guide.

Once inside the room there are several recommended ways to try and determine Link's Location using different items:

  • Sword: Holding out the sword to have the sparkles move
  • Boomerang: provide an "echolocation" of sorts hitting walls
  • Hookshot: similar to that of the Boomerang.
  • Fire Rod: lighting torches that may be present for visibility
  • Somaria: pushing or holding the block around can give a general idea of location.

In addition to using items, the Map in a dungeon will show Link's position in a given room if the player is unsure of their location

Dark Room Logic and Fire Rod

Since v31 there are a few places in the game where the player may be forces to traverse though dark rooms when using the "Advanced" item fill logic. These rooms in logic all have lightable torches present that can be used to illuminate the entire room or have a path of rooms all containing torches.

There are three locations that use this logic:

  • The back of Eastern Palace heading towards the boss.
  • Hyrule Castle Dark Escape heading towards the Dark Cross chest.
  • Palace of Darkness Rupee Basement Loop.