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Sanc And Quit
Classification Minor Glitch
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Sanc and Quit is a glitch that forces the player to automatically respawn at the Sanctuary (or other certain starting location checkpoints, like the Uncle) after a Save and Quit


This glitch is activated when a mosaic is interrupted and a player saves and quits.

The simplest method is to be electrocuted by attacking a Buzz Blob, an electrified Bari, or being damaged on the Aga Tower Barrier and then Save and Quit during the mosaic effect of the shock. The player will instantly respawn at the Sanctuary or the Uncle (possibly others) depending on your last starting location checkpoint, without having to select the location.

You can also interrupt the mosaic animation by using the mirror as the Maiden in Thieves Town is catching up to you inside the light. If you time it correctly, the maiden will turn into blind in the middle of your mirror mosaic animation, interrupting the teleport from the mirror but keeping the screen in a mosaic effect. Saving and Quitting from here will allow the Sanc and Quit to happen.

Confirmed checkpoints that can be abused like this are:

  • Sanctuary (set when returning Zelda to Sanc or after returning the Old Man, maybe other conditions, too)
  • Uncle (set when you get the Uncle item)

Unconfirmed checkpoints that may be abusable:

  • Checkpoint in Zelda's Cell
  • Old man Dark Room checkpoint

Whichever checkpoint was last set, this will be the starting location of the Sanc & Quit. In the randomizer, this means that getting the item from the Uncle will immediately put you back at the Uncle starting point after activating a Sanc & Quit (AKA the "Pretty Wrong Quit").

Stored Sanc & Quit

You can store a "Sanc & Quit" to be activated later, the next time you Save and Quit, in the case that you would like to activate this glitch somewhere you can't normally get the mosaic effect.

One way to store the Sanc & Quit is to get the mosaic blind effect. Another is to do a Sanc & Quit from an electrified bari inside a DW dungeon after defeating Aga1. This will put you on the Pyramid in the DW but the Sanc & Quit will still be stored next time you S&Q from the light world.


Usefulness of this glitch is fairly limited but might save some time in some extremely low chance situations in Enemizer or Entrance where you might need to quickly respawn specially at the Sanctuary or Uncle.

This glitch does not spawn you at Sancutary/Uncle/etc if you are in the Dark World and the Pyramid is your default spawn point.

This glitch has funny, undocumented behavior if you are to Save and Quit to the Pyramid while in the Dark World after defeating Aga1. If you do so and enter a Light World Dungeon and mirror from inside the dungeon, sometimes the starting location menu will appear in the middle of your teleport (showing Link's House, Sanctuary, etc). Triggering the glitch this way and selecting a location appears to have no effect. Selecting a location will complete the mirror teleport and you will be back at the beginning of the dungeon with the glitch disarmed.


Sanc and Quit using a Buzzblob

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