Surfing Bunny

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Surfing Bunny
Classification Minor Glitch
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Surfing Bunny and Wriggling Bunny are glitches that can allow the player to traverse deep water while in a Bunny-state with the Flippers. Wriggling Bunny lets the player slowly edge into deep water and then leads into Surfing Bunny which is a fake-flipper state.


Wriggling Bunny

The player must be in Bunny-form and have the Flippers. Approach an area with a border between shallow and deep water. Repeatedly tap the direction towards the deep water to progress further into it.

Surfing Bunny

Once Link has fully entered deep water via Wriggling the player can achieve Surfing Bunny in several ways:

  1. Mirror into the Light World and then stand still to let the portal warp the player back into the Dark world. The bunny can now swim with a strange "surfing" animation.
  2. Continue wriggling into a screen transition.
  3. Jump into a mirror portal that will transition Link back tot he Dark World over water


Uses for these glitches on their own are fairly limited but include:

  • Sequence Breaking the Hylia Island item.
  • Set-up for Overworld Bunny Revival
  • Accessing the various whirlpools for more efficient traversal.
  • Accessing the Dark Shopping Mall/Dark Ice Rod Area in Entrance Randomizer


Wriggle to Hylia Island Surfing Bunny from Mirror Portal Setup Overworld Bunny Revival
Wriggle Bunny -Hylia Island.gif Surfing Bunny-Mirror Hop.gif OverworldBunnyRevival-Surfing.gif

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