0HP Dungeon Revival

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0 HP Dungeon Revival

0 HP Dungeon Revival is a variant of the Dungeon Bunny Revival glitch that allows the player to die in a Dungeon as a Bunny that they would normally not be able to due to from lack of enemies or damage hazards (specifically Swamp Palace).


0HP Setup

Go to an Overworld hole and die on the same frame as the transition into the Underworld. This can be easily setup at the Fairy Hole East of the Graveyerd by doing the following:

  1. ) Clear the bush and marsh tiles around the fairy hole.
  2. ) Align the Link with the edge of the angled wall so that a dash will bonk against it and also be stopped by the rock.
  3. ) Back up against the rock and do a bomb-dash into the wall while holding down.
  4. ) Slash once then fall into the hole. The bomb explosion should kill as Link makes the underworld transition leaving zero hearts after the fall.
0HP Overworld Setup
0hp overworld.gif

Swamp Dungeon Revival

After setting up the 0hp glitch, proceed to Swamp Palace while avoiding taking any damage or picking up any hearts and activate the water switch (or pre-activate in Entrance Randomizer). Mirror and enter Swamp Palace as a bunny and jump into the water. This will finally initialize Link's death routine allowing the player to Save and Continue as normal Link at the entrance.

0HP Swamp Palace Revive


In normal world state (Open/Standard), this can be used to sequence break inside Swamp Palace without the moon pearl by first performing an Overworld Bunny Revival to get to the west side of the Dark World, then leaving a mirror spot in front of SP, then setting up the 0hp and returning to SP to open the dam and Dungeon Bunny Revival inside.

This glitch could also be used in Entrance randomizer.

Important Note

Performing a 0HP glitch setup in the Underworld can cause incorrect room data to be loaded. As such using the 0HP glitch in a dungeon has been deemed Major and is banned in "No Glitches" logic races.

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