LSD Blind

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LSD Blind
Classification Unclassified Glitch
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LSD Blind is a graphical glitch that alters/corrupts the graphics during the Blind boss fight.


LSD Blind

  • Dash into the room and then press the SELECT button just before the Maiden reaches the light.

Note: If SELECT is pressed too late there can be an extended spotlight effect on Link that may take significantly extra time for the fight to start. Additionally LSD blind does not close the boss room door and the player can freely walk out.

Pixelated Blind

  • Walk into the room and use the Magic Mirror just before the Maiden gets into place to transform.

Note: The pixelation effect can be very severe depending on which frame the Mirror's mosaic effect was interrupted on.

This graphical effect does not go back to normal upon finishing the fight and requires the players to either Save&Quit, Use the Flute, or Trigger another mosaic effect (Use Mirror in a dungeon, Get Electrocuted, Enter certain Overworld transitions) to fix the effect.


Mostly Swag. The boss door does not close when using this glitch and can be useful to leave the room if the Thieves Town is a useless pendant.


LSD Blind Pixelated Blind Map Example
LSD Blind.gif Pixelated Blind.gif LSD Blind - Map.gif