Wrong Warp

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A wrong warp is a glitch, used in the No Logic ruleset, where you fall into a pit to an unintended destination.

Every tile has a destination tile that you can theoretically fall to. Many tiles, however, override this with a flag saying that falling into a pit will damage you and return you to the door you entered. But if you can load the attributes of the wrong tile using a supertile YBA or Somaria transition corruption, you can change the tile's behavior so that falling into a pit will take you somewhere new.

The EG map shows the possible destinations of wrong warps. Every tile has a "falling Link" icon in the top-left corner, next to the number of the tile you can fall to.


This is a common example of a wrong warp that takes you from Palace of Darkness (NL) to Tower of Hera (NL). It's described more fully on the Palace of Darkness (NL) guide.