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ALTTPR Accessible Ruleset

A "" in each column indicates that a technique is allowed for that rule set.

ALTTPR Racing Ruleset
Accessible Ruleset
Dark Room Navigation 1
Silverless Ganon 1
Torch Glitch
Houlihan Room
Item Dash
Super Speed
Bomb Dash / Chest Dash
Invisible Purple Chest
Medallion Cancel
Block Clipping / Mirror Block Erase
Sanc And Quit
Magic Cape Cheapskate
Fire Rod Doubling
Bonk Prize Pre-Grab
Heart Dupe
Somaria Magic Refill
Spooky Action
Bomb Duping
Bomb Jumps
(The Spectacle Rock and Turtle Rock Big Chest Room Bomb Jumps are banned)
Interior Rail Clipping
Water Walk
Fake Flippers
Fake Powder
Barrier Revival
Super Bunny
Surfing Bunny / Wriggling Bunny
Overworld Bunny Revival
Dungeon Bunny Revival
0HP Dungeon Revival
Unbunny Beam
Potion Camera Unlock
Mimic Clipping
Moldorm Bounce
Extended Auto Stairs
Lamp Controlled Somaria Bounce
Diver Down
Door State Extension
Overworld OoB Clips (Boots Clips, Bomb Clips, etc)
Mirror Jumps, Mirror Wraps, Mirror Clips
Overworld YBA
Underworld Out-Of-Bounds Clips (Boots Clips, Bomb Clips, etc)
Underworld Door Glitches (YBA, Mirror Door, Somaria Door Glitches, Wrong Warp, Deathhole, Quadrant Glitch)
Level 2 Ancilla Misslotting (Hookpush, Hookclip)
Tree Warp
Underworld Fake Flute
Level 3 Ancilla Misslotting (ACE)
Exploration Glitch

1: This technique can be forced by using certain settings in No Glitches logic.