Key-sanity Variation

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Key-sanity is a variation where dungeon items are divorced from their home dungeons and can be found anywhere, as long as it doesn't block progression.

The specifics of Key-sanity Variation can be found on the ALttPR Options page under "Variations."

Item Screen

The Item Screen has received some tweaks including instant speed and a table for the keys acquired for each dungeon.

Dungeon Name Dungeon Code
Light World
Hyrule Castle Escape H1/H2/HC
Eastern Palace P1/L1
Desert Palace P2/L2
Tower of Hera P3/L3
Hyrule Castle Tower A1/AT
Dark World
Palace of Darkness D1
Swamp Palace D2
Skull Woods D3
Thieves' Town D4
Ice Palace D5
Misery Mire D6
Turtle Rock D7
Ganon's Tower A2/GT