Tower of Hera

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Tower of Hera^
Nicknames "ToH"
Dungeon ID L3
World Light World
Subzone Death Mountain
Boss Moldorm
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 6
Non-Dungeon Items 2
Total Keys 1
Chest Keys 1
Mob Keys 0
Pot Keys 0

The Tower of Hera is located on top of Light World Death Mountain. It requires Death Mountain Access and Death Mountain Peak Access. A way to light torches (Lamp or Fire Rod) may be required to complete the dungeon.



You find the Moon Pearl here. The boss is Moldorm.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Hera Lobby 119 Hera Lobby Down Stairs
Hera Lobby Key Stairs
Hera Lobby Up Stairs
Tower of Hera Exit
Hera Basement Cage 135 Hera Basement Cage Up Stairs
Hera Tile Room Hera Tile Room Up Stairs
Hera Tile Room EN
Hera Tridorm Hera Tridorm WN
Hera Tridorm SE
Hera Torches Hera Torches NE
Hera Beetles 49 Hera Beetles Down Stairs
Hera Beetles WS
Hera Beetles Holes
Hera Startile Corner Hera Startile Corner ES
Hera Startile Corner NW
Hera Startile Corner Holes
Hera Startile Wide Hera Startile Wide SW
Hera Startile Wide Up Stairs
Hera Startile Wide Holes
Hera 4F 39 Hera 4F Down Stairs
Hera 4F Up Stairs
Hera 4F Holes
Hera 5F 23 Hera 5F Down Stairs
Hera 5F Up Stairs
Hera 5F Star Hole
Hera 5F Pothole Chain
Hera 5F Normal Holes
Hera Boss 7 Hera Boss Down Stairs
Hera Boss Outer Hole
Hera Boss Inner Hole

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