Skull Woods

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Skull Woods^
Nicknames "SW, SkWoods"
Dungeon ID D3
World Dark World
Subzone Skeleton Forest
Boss Mothula
Bosses ArmosLanmolasMoldormHelmaKingArrghusBlindMothulaKholdstareVitty
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 8
Non-Dungeon Items 2
Total Keys 5
Chest Keys 3
Mob Keys 1
Pot Keys 1

The Skull Woods is a dungeon located in the Dark World Skeleton Forest. The Fire Rod is required to access the final section.

Note: The Big Key can be located in the Big Chest because there's no Boss Door in the dungeon.



You find the Fire Rod here. The boss is Mothula.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Skull 1 Lobby 88 Skull Woods First Section Exit
Skull 1 Lobby WS
Skull 1 Lobby ES
Skull Map Room Skull Map Room WS
Skull Map Room SE
Skull Pot Circle Skull Pot Circle WN
Skull Pot Circle Star Path
Skull Pull Switch Skull Pull Switch EN
Skull Pull Switch S
Skull Big Chest Skull Big Chest N
Skull Big Chest Hookpath
Skull Pinball 104 Skull Pinball NE
Skull Pinball WS
Skull Pot Prison 87 Skull Pot Prison ES
Skull Pot Prison SE
Skull 2 East Lobby Skull 2 East Lobby NW
Skull 2 East Lobby WS
Skull Woods Second Section Exit (East)
Skull Big Key Skull Big Key SW
Skull Big Key WN
Skull Lone Pot Skull Lone Pot EN
Skull Compass Room 103 Skull Compass Room NE
Skull Compass Room ES
Skull Compass Room WS
Skull Left Drop Skull Left Drop ES
Skull Small Hall 86 Skull Small Hall ES
Skull Small Hall WS
Skull 2 West Lobby Skull 2 West Lobby ES
Skull 2 West Lobby NW
Skull Woods Second Section Exit (West)
Skull X Room Skull X Room SW
Skull 3 Lobby 89 Skull 3 Lobby NW
Skull 3 Lobby EN
Skull Woods Final Section Exit
Skull East Bridge Skull East Bridge WN
Skull East Bridge WS
Skull West Bridge Nook Skull West Bridge Nook ES
Skull Star Pits 73 Skull Star Pits SW
Skull Star Pits ES
Skull Torch Room Skull Torch Room WS
Skull Torch Room WN
Skull Vines Skull Vines EN
Skull Vines NW
Skull Spike Corner 57 Skull Spike Corner SW
Skull Spike Corner ES
Skull Final Drop Skull Final Drop WS
Skull Final Drop Hole

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