Swamp Palace

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Swamp Palace^
Nicknames "SP"
Dungeon ID D2
World Dark World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Boss Arrghus
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 10
Non-Dungeon Items 6
Total Keys 5
Chest Keys 1
Mob Keys 0
Pot Keys 4

The Swamp Palace is located in the Dark World, south of the Bomb Shop and southwest of Hype Cave. The Magic Mirror and Flippers are required for access. The hammer is required to traverse most of the dungeon. The hookshot is required to access the final section of the dungeon.

Note: The Big Key can be located in the Big Chest because there's no Boss Door in the dungeon.



You find the Hookshot here. The boss is Arrghus.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Swamp Entrance 40 Swamp Entrance Down Stairs
Swamp Entrance Moat
Swamp Pot Row 56 Swamp Pot Row Up Stairs
Swamp Pot Row WN
Swamp Pot Row WS
Swamp Map Ledge 55 Swamp Map Ledge EN
Swamp Trench 1 Approach Swamp Trench 1 Approach ES
Swamp Trench 1 Approach Dry
Swamp Trench 1 Approach Key
Swamp Trench 1 Approach Swim Depart
Swamp Trench 1 Nexus Swamp Trench 1 Nexus Approach
Swamp Trench 1 Nexus N
Swamp Trench 1 Nexus Key
Swamp Trench 1 Alcove Swamp Trench 1 Alcove S
Swamp Trench 1 Key Ledge Swamp Trench 1 Key Ledge Dry
Swamp Trench 1 Key Approach
Swamp Trench 1 Key Ledge Depart
Swamp Trench 1 Key Ledge NW
Swamp Trench 1 Departure Swamp Trench 1 Departure Dry
Swamp Trench 1 Departure Approach
Swamp Trench 1 Departure Key
Swamp Trench 1 Departure WS
Swamp Hammer Switch Swamp Hammer Switch SW
Swamp Hammer Switch WN
Swamp Hub 54 Swamp Hub ES
Swamp Hub S
Swamp Hub WS
Swamp Hub WN
Swamp Hub Hook Path
Swamp Hub Dead Ledge Swamp Hub Dead Ledge EN
Swamp Hub North Ledge Swamp Hub North Ledge N
Swamp Hub North Ledge Drop Down
Swamp Donut Top 70 Swamp Donut Top N
Swamp Donut Top SE
Swamp Donut Bottom Swamp Donut Bottom NE
Swamp Donut Bottom NW
Swamp Compass Donut Swamp Compass Donut SW
Swamp Compass Donut Push Block
Swamp Crystal Switch 53 Swamp Crystal Switch EN
Swamp Crystal Switch SE
Swamp Shortcut Swamp Shortcut NE
Swamp Shortcut Blue Barrier
Swamp Trench 2 Pots Swamp Trench 2 Pots ES
Swamp Trench 2 Pots Blue Barrier
Swamp Trench 2 Pots Dry
Swamp Trench 2 Pots Wet
Swamp Trench 2 Blocks Swamp Trench 2 Blocks Pots
Swamp Trench 2 Blocks N
Swamp Trench 2 Alcove Swamp Trench 2 Alcove S
Swamp Trench 2 Departure Swamp Trench 2 Departure Wet
Swamp Trench 2 Departure WS
Swamp Big Key Ledge Swamp Big Key Ledge WN
Swamp West Shallows 52 Swamp West Shallows ES
Swamp West Shallows Push Blocks
Swamp West Block Path Swamp West Block Path Up Stairs
Swamp West Block Path Drop Down
Swamp Barrier Swamp Barrier EN
Swamp Barrier - Orange
Swamp Attic 84 Swamp Attic Down Stairs
Swamp Attic Left Pit
Swamp Attic Right Pit
Swamp Push Statue 38 Swamp Push Statue S
Swamp Push Statue NW
Swamp Push Statue NE
Swamp Push Statue Down Stairs
Swamp Shooters Swamp Shooters SW
Swamp Shooters EN
Swamp Left Elbow Swamp Left Elbow WN
Swamp Left Elbow Down Stairs
Swamp Right Elbow Swamp Right Elbow SE
Swamp Right Elbow Down Stairs
Swamp Drain Left 118 Swamp Drain Left Up Stairs
Swamp Drain WN
Swamp Drain Right Swamp Drain Right Switch
Swamp Drain Right Up Stairs
Swamp Flooded Room Swamp Flooded Room Up Stairs
Swamp Flooded Room Ladder
Swamp Flooded Room WS
Swamp Basement Shallows Swamp Basement Shallows NW
Swamp Basement Shallows EN
Swamp Basement Shallows ES
Swamp Waterfall Room 102 Swamp Waterfall Room SW
Swamp Waterfall Room NW
Swamp Waterfall Room NE
Swamp Refill Swamp Refill SW
Swamp Behind Waterfall Swamp Behind Waterfall SE
Swamp Behind Waterfall Up Stairs
Swamp C 22 Swamp C Down Stairs
Swamp C SE
Swamp Waterway Swamp Waterway NE
Swamp Waterway N
Swamp Waterway NW
Swamp I Swamp I S
Swamp T Swamp T SW
Swamp T NW
Swamp Boss 6 Swamp Boss SW

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