Ganon's Tower

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Ganon's Tower^
Nicknames "GT"
Dungeon ID GT
World Dark World
Subzone Death Mountain
Boss Agahnim
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 27
Non-Dungeon Items 20
Total Keys 8
Chest Keys 4
Mob Keys 1
Pot Keys 3

Ganon's Tower is the final dungeon of the game. The second and final battle of Agahnim is fought here. A large array of equipment is required to complete this dungeon.


Bob is a side-effect of some of the custom code in ALttPR. He's the upper-right corner of a Heart Piece with some extra flair because he's a re-textured Anti-Fairy. He's said to be related to the code that does or doesn't do a thing if you leave the item on top of Bob's Torch on the Floor 1F of Ganon's Tower.

Some people believe that Bob has become something of a legend or mascot for ALttPR.


You find the Red Mail here. There's an optional boss in the basement of the Armos Knights. There are required boss fights during the ascent of the tower of the Lanmolas and Moldorm. The final boss fight is the second and final battle of Agahnim.