Ganon's Tower

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Ganon's Tower^
Nicknames "GT"
Dungeon ID GT
World Dark World
Subzone Death Mountain
Boss Agahnim
Bosses Top: MoldormHelmaKingMothulaKholdstareVitty

Middle: ArmosLanmolasMoldormHelmaKingArrghusMothulaKholdstareVittyTrinexx
Bottom: ArmosLanmolasMoldormHelmaKingArrghusBlindMothulaKholdstareVittyTrinexx

Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 27
Non-Dungeon Items 20
Total Keys 8
Chest Keys 4
Mob Keys 1
Pot Keys 3

Ganon's Tower is the final dungeon of the game. The second and final battle of Agahnim is fought here. A large array of equipment is required to complete this dungeon.


Bob is a side-effect of some of the custom code in ALttPR. He's the upper-right corner of a Heart Piece with some extra flair because he's a re-textured Anti-Fairy. He's said to be related to the code that does or doesn't do a thing if you leave the item on top of Bob's Torch on the Floor 1F of Ganon's Tower.

Some people believe that Bob has become something of a legend or mascot for ALttPR.



You find the Red Mail here. There's an optional boss in the basement of the Armos Knights. There are required boss fights during the ascent of the tower of the Lanmolas and Moldorm. The final boss fight is the second and final battle of Agahnim.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
GT Lobby 12 GT Lobby Left Down Stairs
GT Lobby Up Stairs
GT Lobby Right Down Stairs
Ganons Tower Exit
GT Bob's Torch 140 GT Torch Up Stairs
GT Torch WN
GT Torch EN
GT Torch SW
GT Hope Room GT Hope Room Up Stairs
GT Hope Room WN
GT Hope Room EN
GT Big Chest GT Big Chest NW
GT Big Chest SW
GT Blocked Stairs GT Blocked Stairs Down Stairs
GT Blocked Stairs Block Path
GT Bob's Room GT Bob's Room SE
GT Bob's Room Hole
GT Tile Room 141 GT Tile Room WN
GT Tile Room EN
GT Speed Torch GT Speed Torch WS
GT Speed Torch SE
GT Speed Torch North Path
GT Speed Torch Upper GT Speed Torch WN
GT Speed Torch NE
GT Speed Torch South Path
GT Pots n Blocks GT Pots n Blocks ES
GT Crystal Conveyor 157 GT Crystal Conveyor NE
GT Crystal Conveyor WN
GT Compass Room GT Compass Room EN
GT Compass Room Warp
GT Invisible Bridges GT Invisible Bridges WS
GT Invisible Catwalk 156 GT Invisible Catwalk ES
GT Invisible Catwalk WS
GT Invisible Catwalk NW
GT Invisible Catwalk NE
GT Conveyor Cross 139 GT Conveyor Cross EN
GT Conveyor Cross WN
GT Hookshot East Platform GT Hookshot EN
GT Hookshot East-North Path
GT Hookshot East-South Path
GT Hookshot North Platform GT Hookshot NW
GT Hookshot North-East Path
GT Hookshot North-South Path
GT Hookshot South Platform GT Hookshot ES
GT Hookshot South-East Path
GT Hookshot South-North Path
GT Hookshot Platform Blue Barrier
GT Hookshot South Entry GT Hookshot SW
GT Hookshot Entry Blue Barrier
GT Map Room GT Map Room WS
GT Double Switch Entry 155 GT Double Switch NW
GT Double Switch Orange Barrier
GT Double Switch Orange Barrier 2
GT Double Switch Exit GT Double Switch EN
GT Double Switch Blue Barrier
GT Spike Crystals GT Spike Crystals WN
GT Spike Crystals Warp
GT Warp Maze Exit Section GT Warp Maze (Pits) ES
GT Warp Maze Exit Section Warp Spot
GT Firesnake Room Ledge 125 GT Firesnake Room SW
GT Warp Maze - Rail Choice GT Warp Maze (Rails) NW
GT Warp Maze - Rail Choice Left Warp
GT Warp Maze - Rail Choice Right Warp
GT Warp Maze - Rando Rail GT Warp Maze (Rails) WS
GT Warp Maze - Rando Rail Warp
GT Petting Zoo GT Petting Zoo SE
GT Conveyor Star Pits 123 GT Conveyor Star Pits EN
GT Hidden Star GT Hidden Star ES
GT Hidden Star Warp
GT DMs Room GT DMs Room SW
GT Falling Bridge 124 GT Falling Bridge WN
GT Falling Bridge WS
GT Randomizer Room GT Randomizer Room ES
GT Ice Armos 28 GT Ice Armos NE
GT Ice Armos WS
GT Big Key Room GT Big Key Room SE
GT Four Torches GT Four Torches Up Stairs
GT Four Torches NW
GT Four Torches ES
GT Fairy Abyss GT Fairy Abyss SW
GT Crystal Paths 107 GT Crystal Paths Down Stairs
GT Crystal Paths SW
GT Mimics 1 GT Mimics 1 NW
GT Mimics 1 ES
GT Mimics 2 GT Mimics 2 WS
GT Mimics 2 NE
GT Dash Hall GT Dash Hall SE
GT Dash Hall NE
GT Hidden Spikes 91 GT Hidden Spikes SE
GT Hidden Spikes EN
GT Cannonball Bridge 92 GT Cannonball Bridge WN
GT Cannonball Bridge Up Stairs
GT Cannonball Bridge SE
GT Refill GT Refill NE
GT Gauntlet 1 93 GT Gauntlet 1 Down Stairs
GT Gauntlet 1 WN
GT Gauntlet 2 GT Gauntlet 2 EN
GT Gauntlet 2 SW
GT Gauntlet 3 GT Gauntlet 3 NW
GT Gauntlet 3 SW
GT Gauntlet 4 109 GT Gauntlet 4 NW
GT Gauntlet 4 SW
GT Gauntlet 5 GT Gauntlet 5 NW
GT Gauntlet 5 WS
GT Beam Dash 108 GT Beam Dash ES
GT Beam Dash WS
GT Lanmolas 2 GT Lanmolas 2 ES
GT Lanmolas 2 NW
GT Quad Pot GT Quad Pot SW
GT Quad Pot Up Stairs
GT Wizzrobes 1 165 GT Wizzrobes 1 Down Stairs
GT Wizzrobes 1 SW
GT Dashing Bridge GT Dashing Bridge NW
GT Dashing Bridge NE
GT Wizzrobes 2 GT Wizzrobes 2 SE
GT Wizzrobes 2 NE
GT Conveyor Bridge 149 GT Conveyor Bridge SE
GT Conveyor Bridge EN
GT Torch Cross 150 GT Torch Cross WN
GT Torch Cross ES
GT Staredown GT Staredown WS
GT Staredown Up Ladder
GT Falling Torches 61 GT Falling Torches Down Ladder
GT Falling Torches NE
GT Falling Torches Hole
GT Mini Helmasaur Room GT Mini Helmasaur Room SE
GT Mini Helmasaur Room WN
GT Bomb Conveyor GT Bomb Conveyor EN
GT Bomb Conveyor SW
GT Crystal Circles GT Crystal Circles NW
GT Crystal Circles SW
GT Left Moldorm Ledge 77 GT Left Moldorm Ledge Drop Down
GT Left Moldorm Ledge NW
GT Right Moldorm Ledge GT Right Moldorm Ledge Down Stairs
GT Right Moldorm Ledge Drop Down
GT Validation Door GT Validation WS
GT Moldorm Pit 166 GT Moldorm Pit Up Stairs
GT Frozen Over 76 GT Frozen Over ES
GT Frozen Over Up Stairs
GT Brightly Lit Hall 29 GT Brightly Lit Hall Down Stairs
GT Brightly Lit Hall NW
GT Agahnim 2 13 GT Agahnim 2 SW

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