Turtle Rock

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Turtle Rock^
Nicknames "TR, TRock"
Dungeon ID D7
World Dark World
Subzone Death Mountain
Boss Trinexx
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 12
Non-Dungeon Items 5
Total Keys 6
Chest Keys 4
Mob Keys 2
Pot Keys 0

Turtle Rock is located on northeast Dark World Death Mountain. The Titan's Mitt and hammer are required to complete the puzzle to open the Turtle Rock Warp Tile. The appropriate randomized medallion is required to open it.

Inverted State

The medallion pad to open the dungeon does not require a warp from the Light World.


You find Mirror Shield here. The Quake Medallion is used to open it. The boss is Trinexx.