Ice Palace

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Ice Palace^
Nicknames "IP, Ice"
Dungeon ID D5
World Dark World
Subzone Lake Hylia
Boss Kholdstare
Bosses ArmosLanmolasMoldormHelmaKingArrghusBlindMothulaKholdstareVittyTrinexx
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 8
Non-Dungeon Items 3
Total Keys 6
Chest Keys 2
Mob Keys 2
Pot Keys 2

The Ice Palace is located in the center of Dark World Lake Hylia. Its Light World equivalent is the Capitalism Fairy. It requires the Flippers, Titan's Mitt and Moon Pearl to access.

Note that the Bombos Medallion may need to be used to defeat the Freezors and Kholdstare's shell if you do not have the Fire Rod.

Inverted State

No longer requires a warp from the Light World to the Dark World because the front gates have been removed.



You find the Blue Mail here. The boss is Kholdstare.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Ice Lobby 14 Ice Palace Exit
Ice Lobby WS
Ice Jelly Key Ice Jelly Key ES
Ice Jelly Key Down Stairs
Ice Floor Switch 30 Ice Floor Switch Up Stairs
Ice Floor Switch ES
Ice Cross Left Ice Cross Left WS
Ice Cross Left Push Block
Ice Cross Bottom Ice Cross Bottom SE
Ice Cross Bottom Push Block Left
Ice Cross Bottom Push Block Right
Ice Cross Right Ice Cross Right ES
Ice Cross Right Push Block Top
Ice Cross Right Push Block Bottom
Ice Cross Top Ice Cross Top NE
Ice Cross Top Push Block Bottom
Ice Cross Top Push Block Right
Ice Bomb Drop Ice Bomb Drop SE
Ice Bomb Drop Hole
Ice Compass Room 46 Ice Compass Room NE
Ice Pengator Switch 31 Ice Pengator Switch WS
Ice Pengator Switch ES
Ice Dead End Ice Dead End WS
Ice Stalfos Hint 62 Ice Stalfos Hint SE
Ice Conveyor Ice Conveyor NE
Ice Conveyor SW
Ice Bomb Jump Ledge 78 Ice Bomb Jump NW
Ice Bomb Jump Ledge Orange Barrier
Ice Bomb Jump Catwalk Ice Bomb Jump Catwalk Orange Barrier
Ice Bomb Jump EN
Ice Narrow Corridor Ice Narrow Corridor WN
Ice Narrow Corridor Down Stairs
Ice Pengator Trap 110 Ice Pengator Trap Up Stairs
Ice Pengator Trap NE
Ice Spike Cross 94 Ice Spike Cross SE
Ice Spike Cross WS
Ice Spike Cross ES
Ice Spike Cross NE
Ice Firebar Ice Firebar ES
Ice Firebar Down Ladder
Ice Falling Square Ice Falling Square SE
Ice Falling Square Hole
Ice Spike Room 95 Ice Spike Room WS
Ice Spike Room Up Stairs
Ice Spike Room Down Stairs
Ice Hammer Block 63 Ice Hammer Block Down Stairs
Ice Hammer Block ES
Ice Tongue Pull Ice Tongue Pull Up Ladder
Ice Tongue Pull WS
Ice Freezors Ledge 126 Ice Freezors Ledge ES
Ice Freezors Ledge Hole
Ice Tall Hint Ice Tall Hint WS
Ice Tall Hint SE
Ice Tall Hint EN
Ice Hookshot Ledge 127 Ice Hookshot Ledge WN
Ice Hookshot Ledge Path
Ice Hookshot Balcony Ice Hookshot Balcony SW
Ice Hookshot Balcony Path
Ice Spikeball Ice Spikeball NW
Ice Spikeball Up Stairs
Ice Lonely Freezor 142 Ice Lonely Freezor NE
Ice Lonely Freezor Down Stairs
Iced T 174 Iced T Up Stairs
Iced T EN
Ice Catwalk 175 Ice Catwalk WN
Ice Catwalk NW
Ice Many Pots 159 Ice Many Pots SW
Ice Many Pots WS
Ice Crystal Right 158 Ice Crystal Right ES
Ice Crystal Right NE
Ice Crystal Right Orange Barrier
Ice Crystal Right Blue Hole
Ice Crystal Left Ice Crystal Left WS
Ice Crystal Left Orange Barrier
Ice Crystal Left Blue Barrier
Ice Big Chest View Ice Big Chest View ES
Ice Backwards Room Ice Backwards Room SE
Ice Backwards Room Down Stairs
Ice Backwards Room Hole
Ice Anti-Fairy 190 Ice Anti-Fairy Up Stairs
Ice Anti-Fairy SE
Ice Switch Room Ice Switch Room NE
Ice Switch Room ES
Ice Switch Room SE
Ice Refill 191 Ice Refill WS
Ice Antechamber 206 Ice Antechamber NE
Ice Antechamber Hole

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