Eastern Palace

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Eastern Palace^
Nicknames "EP, Light Palace of Darkness, Palace of Lightness"
Dungeon ID L1
World Light World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Boss Armos Knights
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 6
Non-Dungeon Items 3
Total Keys 2
Chest Keys 0
Mob Keys 1
Pot Keys 1

The Eastern Palace is located in eastern Light World near Sahasrahla's Hut. Its Dark World equivalent is the Palace of Darkness.

There are no requirements to enter the Eastern Palace, however, the Lamp and Bow are required to complete it.



You find the bow here. The boss are the Armos Knights.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Eastern Lobby 201 Eastern Lobby N
Eastern Palace Exit
Eastern Lobby NW
Eastern Lobby NE
Eastern Lobby Bridge Eastern Lobby Bridge S
Eastern Lobby Bridge N
Eastern Lobby Left Ledge Eastern Lobby Left Ledge SW
Eastern Lobby Right Ledge Eastern Lobby Right Ledge SE
Eastern Cannonball 185 Eastern Cannonball S
Eastern Cannonball N
Eastern Cannonball Ledge Eastern Cannonball Ledge WN
Eastern Cannonball Ledge Key Door EN
Eastern Courtyard Ledge 169 Eastern Courtyard Ledge S
Eastern Courtyard Ledge W
Eastern Courtyard Ledge E
Eastern Courtyard Eastern Courtyard WN
Eastern Courtyard EN
Eastern Courtyard N
Eastern Courtyard Potholes
Eastern East Wing 170 Eastern East Wing W
Eastern East Wing EN
Eastern East Wing ES
Eastern Pot Switch Eastern Pot Switch WN
Eastern Pot Switch SE
Eastern Map Balcony Eastern Map Balcony WS
Eastern Map Balcony Hook Path
Eastern Map Room Eastern Map Room NE
Eastern Map Room Drop Down
Eastern Map Valley Eastern Map Valley WN
Eastern Map Valley SW
Eastern West Wing 168 Eastern West Wing E
Eastern West Wing WS
Eastern Stalfos Spawn Eastern Stalfos Spawn ES
Eastern Stalfos Spawn NW
Eastern Compass Room Eastern Compass Room EN
Eastern Compass Room SW
Eastern Hint Tile Eastern Hint Tile EN
Eastern Hint Tile WN
Eastern Hint Tile Blocked Path Eastern Hint Tile Blocked Path SE
Eastern Hint Tile Push Block
Eastern Dark Square 186 Eastern Dark Square NW
Eastern Dark Square Key Door WN
Eastern Dark Square EN
Eastern Dark Pots Eastern Dark Pots WN
Eastern Big Key 184 Eastern Big Key EN
Eastern Big Key NE
Eastern Darkness 153 Eastern Darkness S
Eastern Darkness Up Stairs
Eastern Darkness NE
Eastern Rupees Eastern Rupees SE
Eastern Attic Start 218 Eastern Attic Start Down Stairs
Eastern Attic Start WS
Eastern False Switches 217 Eastern False Switches ES
Eastern False Switches WS
Eastern Cannonball Hell Eastern Cannonball Hell ES
Eastern Cannonball Hell WS
Eastern Single Eyegore 216 Eastern Single Eyegore ES
Eastern Single Eyegore NE
Eastern Duo Eyegores Eastern Duo Eyegores SE
Eastern Duo Eyegores NE
Eastern Boss 200 Eastern Boss SE

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