Desert Palace

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Desert Palace^
Nicknames "DP"
Dungeon ID L2
World Light World
Subzone Desert of Mystery
Boss Lanmolas
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 6
Non-Dungeon Items 2
Total Keys 4
Chest Keys 1
Mob Keys 0
Pot Keys 3

The Desert Palace is located in the Desert of Mystery. It requires the Book of Mudora or Desert Palace Backdoor to access. A lift upgrade (or some fancy tricks using the Desert Palace Backdoor) is required to access the final section.



You find the Power Glove here. The boss are the Lanmolas.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Desert Main Lobby 132 Desert Palace Exit (South)
Desert Main Lobby N Edge
Desert Main Lobby Left Path
Desert Main Lobby Right Path
Desert Left Alcove Desert Main Lobby NW Edge
Desert Left Alcove Path
Desert Right Alcove Desert Main Lobby NE Edge
Desert Main Lobby E Edge
Desert Right Alcove Path
Desert Dead End 116 Desert Dead End Edge
Desert North Hall Desert North Hall SE Edge
Desert North Hall SW Edge
Desert North Hall W Edge
Desert North Hall E Edge
Desert North Hall NW
Desert North Hall NE
Desert Map Room Desert Map SW
Desert Map SE
Desert East Lobby 133 Desert East Lobby WS
Desert Palace Exit (East)
Desert East Wing Desert East Wing ES
Desert East Wing Key Door EN
Desert East Wing W Edge
Desert East Wing N Edge
Desert Compass Room Desert Compass Key Door WN
Desert Compass NW
Desert Cannonball 117 Desert Cannonball S
Desert Arrow Pot Corner Desert Arrow Pot Corner S Edge
Desert Arrow Pot Corner W Edge
Desert Arrow Pot Corner NW
Desert Trap Room Desert Trap Room SW
Desert Sandworm Corner 115 Desert Sandworm Corner S Edge
Desert Sandworm Corner E Edge
Desert Sandworm Corner NE
Desert Sandworm Corner WS
Desert Bonk Torch Desert Bonk Torch SE
Desert Circle of Pots Desert Circle of Pots ES
Desert Circle of Pots NW
Desert Big Chest Room Desert Big Chest SW
Desert West Wing 131 Desert West Wing N Edge
Desert West Wing WS
Desert West Lobby Desert West Lobby ES
Desert Palace Exit (West)
Desert West Lobby NW
Desert Fairy Fountain Desert Fairy Fountain SW
Desert Back Lobby 99 Desert Palace Exit (North)
Desert Back Lobby NW
Desert Tiles 1 Desert Tiles 1 SW
Desert Tiles 1 Up Stairs
Desert Bridge 83 Desert Bridge Down Stairs
Desert Bridge SW
Desert Four Statues Desert Four Statues NW
Desert Four Statues ES
Desert Beamos Hall Desert Beamos Hall WS
Desert Beamos Hall NE
Desert Tiles 2 67 Desert Tiles 2 SE
Desert Tiles 2 NE
Desert Wall Slide Desert Wall Slide SE
Desert Wall Slide NW
Desert Boss 51 Desert Boss SW

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