Thieves' Town

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Thieves' Town^
Nicknames "TT, Thieves'"
Dungeon ID D4
World Dark World
Subzone Village of Outcasts
Boss Blind
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 8
Non-Dungeon Items 4
Total Keys 3
Chest Keys 1
Mob Keys 0
Pot Keys 2

Thieves' Town is located in the Village of Outcasts. It is located at the Dark World equivalent of the Weathervane. In ALttPR it is likely the first dungeon you'll visit upon gaining access to the Dark World if you have access to the region.

Note: A Small Key can be located inside the Big Chest as it's the only thing locked behind a Small Key Door. Remember that gaining access to the Big Chest inside the room requires the hammer.



You find the Titan's Mitt here. The boss is Blind.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Thieves Lobby 219 Thieves Town Exit
Thieves Lobby N Edge
Thieves Lobby NE Edge
Thieves Lobby E
Thieves Big Chest Nook Thieves Big Chest Nook ES Edge
Thieves Ambush 203 Thieves Ambush S Edge
Thieves Ambush SE Edge
Thieves Ambush ES Edge
Thieves Ambush EN Edge
Thieves Ambush E
Thieves BK Corner 204 Thieves BK Corner WN Edge
Thieves BK Corner WS Edge
Thieves BK Corner S Edge
Thieves BK Corner SW Edge
Thieves BK Corner NE
Thieves Rail Ledge Thieves Rail Ledge NW
Thieves Rail Ledge W
Thieves Rail Ledge Drop Down
Thieves Compass Room 220 Thieves Compass Room NW Edge
Thieves Compass Room N Edge
Thieves Compass Room WS Edge
Thieves Compass Room W
Thieves Hallway 188 Thieves Hallway SE
Thieves Hallway NE
Thieves Hallway WN
Thieves Hallway WS
Thieves Pot Alcove Mid Thieves Pot Alcove Mid ES
Thieves Pot Alcove Mid WS
Thieves Pot Alcove Bottom Thieves Pot Alcove Bottom SW
Thieves Pot Alcove Top Thieves Pot Alcove Top NW
Thieves Conveyor Maze Thieves Conveyor Maze SW
Thieves Conveyor Maze EN
Thieves Conveyor Maze WN
Thieves Conveyor Maze Down Stairs
Thieves Boss 172 Thieves Boss SE
Thieves Spike Track 187 Thieves Spike Track WS
Thieves Spike Track ES
Thieves Spike Track NE
Thieves Hellway Thieves Hellway Orange Barrier
Thieves Hellway NW
Thieves Hellway Blue Barrier
Thieves Hellway N Crystal Thieves Hellway Crystal Blue Barrier
Thieves Hellway Crystal EN
Thieves Hellway S Crystal Thieves Hellway Crystal Orange Barrier
Thieves Hellway Crystal ES
Thieves Triple Bypass Thieves Triple Bypass WN
Thieves Triple Bypass EN
Thieves Triple Bypass SE
Thieves Spike Switch 171 Thieves Spike Switch SW
Thieves Spike Switch Up Stairs
Thieves Attic 100 Thieves Attic Down Stairs
Thieves Attic ES
Thieves Attic Orange Barrier
Thieves Cricket Hall Left Thieves Cricket Hall Left WS
Thieves Cricket Hall Left Edge
Thieves Cricket Hall Right 101 Thieves Cricket Hall Right Edge
Thieves Cricket Hall Right ES
Thieves Attic Window Thieves Attic Window WS
Thieves Basement Block 69 Thieves Basement Block Up Stairs
Thieves Basement Block WN
Thieves Basement Block Path
Thieves Blocked Entry Thieves Blocked Entry Path
Thieves Blocked Entry SW
Thieves Lonely Zazak Thieves Lonely Zazak WS
Thieves Lonely Zazak ES
Thieves Lonely Zazak NW
Thieves Blind's Cell Thieves Blind's Cell WS
Thieves Conveyor Bridge 68 Thieves Conveyor Bridge EN
Thieves Conveyor Bridge ES
Thieves Conveyor Bridge WS
Thieves Conveyor Bridge Block Path
Thieves Conveyor Block Thieves Conveyor Block Path
Thieves Conveyor Block WN
Thieves Big Chest Room Thieves Big Chest Room ES
Thieves Trap Thieves Trap EN

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