Misery Mire

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Misery Mire^
Nicknames "MM, Mire"
Dungeon ID D6
World Dark World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Boss Vitreous
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 8
Non-Dungeon Items 2
Total Keys 6
Chest Keys 3
Mob Keys 1
Pot Keys 2

Misery Mire is located in the Dark World, secluded from the rest of the region. The Flute, Titan's Mitt and Moon Pearl are required for access. The appropriate randomized medallion is required to open it.

Note that you can use the Pegasus Boots to bonk or the Hookshot to pass the first room.



You find the Cane of Somaria here. The Ether Medallion is used to open it. The boss is Vitreous.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Mire Post-Gap 152 Mire Post-Gap Gap
Mire Post-Gap Down Stairs
Mire 2 210 Mire 2 Up Stairs
Mire 2 NE
Mire Hub 194 Mire Hub SE
Mire Hub ES
Mire Hub E
Mire Hub NE
Mire Hub WN
Mire Hub WS
Mire Hub Upper Blue Barrier
Mire Hub Lower Blue Barrier
Mire Hub Right Mire Hub Right EN
Mire Hub Right Blue Barrier
Mire Hub Top Mire Hub Top NW
Mire Hub Top Blue Barrier
Mire Lone Shooter 195 Mire Lone Shooter WS
Mire Lone Shooter ES
Mire Failure Bridge Mire Failure Bridge W
Mire Failure Bridge E
Mire Falling Bridge Mire Falling Bridge WS
Mire Falling Bridge W
Mire Falling Bridge WN
Mire Map Spike Side Mire Map Spike Side EN
Mire Map Spike Side Drop Down
Mire Map Spike Side Blue Barrier
Mire Map Spot Mire Map Spot WN
Mire Map Spot Blue Barrier
Mire Crystal Dead End Mire Crystal Dead End Left Barrier
Mire Crystal Dead End Right Barrier
Mire Crystal Dead End NW
Mire Hidden Shooters 178 Mire Hidden Shooters SE
Mire Hidden Shooters WS
Mire Hidden Shooters ES
Mire Hidden Shooters Block Path N
Mire Hidden Shooters Blocked Mire Hidden Shooters NE
Mire Hidden Shooters Block Path S
Mire Cross Mire Cross ES
Mire Cross SW
Mire Minibridge Mire Minibridge SE
Mire Minibridge NE
Mire BK Door Room Mire BK Door Room EN
Mire BK Door Room N
Mire Spikes 179 Mire Spikes WS
Mire Spikes SW
Mire Spikes NW
Mire Ledgehop Mire Ledgehop SW
Mire Ledgehop WN
Mire Ledgehop NW
Mire Bent Bridge 163 Mire Bent Bridge SW
Mire Bent Bridge W
Mire Over Bridge 162 Mire Over Bridge E
Mire Over Bridge W
Mire Right Bridge Mire Right Bridge SE
Mire Left Bridge Mire Left Bridge S
Mire Left Bridge Down Stairs
Mire Left Bridge Hook Path
Mire Fishbone 161 Mire Fishbone E
Mire Fishbone Blue Barrier
Mire South Fish Mire South Fish Blue Barrier
Mire Fishbone SE
Mire Spike Barrier 177 Mire Spike Barrier NE
Mire Spike Barrier SE
Mire Spike Barrier ES
Mire Square Rail Mire Square Rail WS
Mire Square Rail NW
Mire Lone Warp Mire Lone Warp SW
Mire Lone Warp Warp
Mire Wizzrobe Bypass 193 Mire Wizzrobe Bypass WN
Mire Wizzrobe Bypass EN
Mire Wizzrobe Bypass NE
Mire Conveyor Crystal Mire Conveyor Crystal WS
Mire Conveyor Crystal ES
Mire Conveyor Crystal SE
Mire Tile Room Mire Tile Room ES
Mire Tile Room NW
Mire Tile Room SW
Mire Compass Room Mire Compass Room SW
Mire Compass Room EN
Mire Compass Blue Barrier
Mire Neglected Room 209 Mire Neglected Room SE
Mire Neglected Room NE
Mire Chest View Mire Chest View NE
Mire Conveyor Barrier Mire Conveyor Barrier NW
Mire Conveyor Barrier Up Stairs
Mire BK Chest Ledge Mire BK Chest Ledge WS
Mire Warping Pool Mire Warping Pool ES
Mire Warping Pool Warp
Mire Torches Top 151 Mire Torches Top Down Stairs
Mire Torches Top SW
Mire Torches Top Holes
Mire Torches Bottom Mire Torches Bottom NW
Mire Torches Bottom WS
Mire Torches Bottom Holes
Mire Attic Hint Mire Attic Hint ES
Mire Attic Hint Hole
Mire Dark Shooters 147 Mire Dark Shooters Up Stairs
Mire Dark Shooters SW
Mire Dark Shooters SE
Mire Key Rupees Mire Key Rupees NE
Mire Block X Mire Block X NW
Mire Block X WS
Mire Tall Dark and Roomy 146 Mire Tall Dark and Roomy ES
Mire Tall Dark and Roomy WS
Mire Tall Dark and Roomy WN
Mire Crystal Right Mire Crystal Right ES
Mire Crystal Right Orange Barrier
Mire Crystal Mid Mire Crystal Mid Orange Barrier
Mire Crystal Mid Blue Barrier
Mire Crystal Mid NW
Mire Crystal Left Mire Crystal Left Blue Barrier
Mire Crystal Left WS
Mire Crystal Top Mire Crystal Top SW
Mire Shooter Rupees Mire Shooter Rupees EN
Mire Falling Foes 145 Mire Falling Foes ES
Mire Falling Foes Up Stairs
Mire Firesnake Skip 160 Mire Firesnake Skip Down Stairs
Mire Firesnake Skip Orange Barrier
Mire Antechamber Mire Antechamber Orange Barrier
Mire Antechamber NW
Mire Boss 144 Mire Boss SW

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