Palace of Darkness

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Palace of Darkness^
Nicknames "PoD, Dark Palace, Dark Eastern"
Dungeon ID D1
World Dark World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Boss Helmasaur King
Bosses ArmosLanmolasMoldormHelmaKingArrghusBlindMothulaKholdstareVittyTrinexx
Big Key Yes.png Dungeon Map Yes.png Compass Yes.png
Item Locations 14
Non-Dungeon Items 5
Total Keys 6
Chest Keys 6
Mob Keys 0
Pot Keys 0

The Palace of Darkness is located in eastern Dark World. Its Light World equivalent is the Eastern Palace. The lamp, hammer and bow are required to complete it.

Kiki must be paid 10 Rupees to follow you and 100 Rupees to open the door. Kiki will reset if you take damage prior to getting to the dungeon's gate.



You find the hammer here. The boss is Helmasaur King.

Room List

Room Supertile Doors
PoD Lobby 74 PoD Lobby N
PoD Lobby NW
PoD Lobby NE
Palace of Darkness Exit
PoD Left Cage PoD Left Cage SW
PoD Left Cage Down Stairs
PoD Middle Cage PoD Middle Cage S
PoD Middle Cage SE
PoD Middle Cage N
PoD Middle Cage Down Stairs
PoD Shooter Room 9 PoD Shooter Room Up Stairs
PoD Warp Room PoD Warp Room Up Stairs
PoD Warp Room Warp
PoD Pit Room 58 PoD Pit Room S
PoD Pit Room NW
PoD Pit Room Bomb Hole
PoD Pit Room Block Path N
PoD Pit Room Blocked PoD Pit Room NE
PoD Pit Room Freefall
PoD Pit Room Block Path S
PoD Big Key Landing PoD Big Key Landing Down Stairs
PoD Big Key Landing Hole
PoD Arena Main 42 PoD Arena Main SW
PoD Arena Main Crystal Path
PoD Arena Main Orange Barrier
PoD Arena Bonk Path
PoD Arena North PoD Arena Main NW
PoD Arena Main NE
PoD Arena North Drop Down
PoD Arena Crystal PoD Arena Crystals E
PoD Arena Crystal Path
PoD Arena Bridge PoD Arena Bridge SE
PoD Arena Bridge Drop Down
PoD Arena Ledge PoD Arena Ledge ES
PoD Sexy Statue 43 PoD Sexy Statue W
PoD Sexy Statue NW
PoD Map Balcony PoD Map Balcony WS
PoD Map Balcony South Stairs
PoD Map Balcony Drop Down
PoD Conveyor 59 PoD Conveyor North Stairs
PoD Conveyor SW
PoD Mimics 1 75 PoD Mimics 1 NW
PoD Mimics 1 SW
PoD Jelly Hall PoD Jelly Hall NW
PoD Jelly Hall NE
PoD Warp Hint PoD Warp Hint SE
PoD Warp Hint Warp
PoD Basement Ledge 10 PoD Basement Ledge Drop Down
PoD Basement Ledge Up Stairs
PoD Falling Bridge 26 PoD Falling Bridge SW
PoD Falling Bridge Path N
PoD Falling Bridge Ledge PoD Falling Bridge WN
PoD Falling Bridge EN
PoD Falling Bridge Path S
PoD Big Chest Balcony PoD Big Chest Balcony W
PoD Compass Room PoD Compass Room SE
PoD Compass Room WN
PoD Compass Room W Down Stairs
PoD Compass Room E Down Stairs
PoD Harmless Hellway PoD Harmless Hellway NE
PoD Harmless Hellway SE
PoD Dark Maze 25 PoD Dark Maze EN
PoD Dark Maze E
PoD Dark Basement 106 PoD Dark Basement W Up Stairs
PoD Dark Basement E Up Stairs
PoD Dark Alley PoD Dark Alley NE
PoD Mimics 2 27 PoD Mimics 2 SW
PoD Mimics 2 NW
PoD Bow Statue PoD Bow Statue SW
PoD Bow Statue Down Ladder
PoD Dark Pegs 11 PoD Dark Pegs Up Ladder
PoD Dark Pegs WN
PoD Lonely Turtle PoD Lonely Turtle SW
PoD Lonely Turtle EN
PoD Turtle Party PoD Turtle Party ES
PoD Turtle Party NW
PoD Callback PoD Callback WS
PoD Callback Warp
PoD Boss 90 PoD Boss SE

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