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This is the soundtrack to the game that is used by Qwertymodo's MSU-1 patch for ALttP. If running this in A Link to the Past Randomizer, make sure that the "Background Music" option is set to "Yes" prior to retrieving the game file from the generator website.

Basic Soundtrack


No. Function Name Notes
01 Title Link to the Past Game Startup;
Exact time: 0:16
02 Light World Overworld Hyrule Field
03 Rain Time of Falling Rain Rain SFX is overlaid by game engine
04 Bunny The Silly Pink Rabbit
05 Light World Lost Woods Forest of Mystery
06 Opening Story Credits Seal of Seven Maidens;
Exact time: 1:57
07 Kakariko Village
08 Mirror Dimensional Shift;
Exact time: 0:04
09 Dark World Overworld Dark Golden Land
10 Master Sword Pedestal Unsealing the Master Sword Pulling the Pedestal with 3 pendants;
Cuts at end to maintain timing;
Exact time: 0:11
11 File Select Beginning of the Journey
12 Guard Summoned in Kakariko Village Soldiers of Kakariko Village
13 Dark Death Mountain Black Mist
14 Guessing Game
16 Hyrule Castle Majestic Castle Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Castle Escape
17 Light World Dungeon Lost Ancient Ruins
  • ALttPR uses this for Pendant dungeons
18 Cave 1[1] Dank Dungeons Caves
19 Boss Kill Fanfare Great Victory! Cuts at end (Race ROM; Exact time: 0:10);
Plays to end (No Race ROM)
20 Sanctuary Safety in the Sanctuary
21 Boss Fight Anger of the Guardians Can be superseded by Expanded Soundtrack (47-58)
22 Dark World Dungeon Dungeon of Shadows
  • ALttPR uses this for Crystal dungeons
23 Fortune Teller
24 Cave 2[1] Dank Dungeons Caves
25 Zelda Rescued Princess Zelda's Rescue After rescuing Zelda in her cell, no effect in ALttPR due to removed track trigger
26 Crystal Get Meeting the Maidens ALttPR cuts after about 1s of playback
27 Fairy Fountain The Goddess Appears
28 Ganon's Theme Priest of the Dark Order Agahnim Theme in Hyrule Castle Tower during "cutscene" prior to boss fight arena
29 Ganon Appears Release of Ganon Agahnim Defeat in Ganon's Tower
30 Ganon In Pyramid Ganon's Message Ganon's monologue
31 Ganon Fight The Prince of Darkness
32 Triforce Room Power of the Gods
33 Triumphant Return Epilogue ~ Beautiful Hyrule 1st half of Credits; Character resolution sequences;
Plays to end because after Time is called;
Exact time: 3:49
2.3s: Pick up Triforce
4.75-6s: Fade-out
10.5s: Fade-in to Celebration Sequence
3:50: Pedestal fade-out
34 Credits Staff Roll Exact time: 3:53;
2:40: Important Stuff starts
3:50: The End


Cave Name Cave 1
Cave 2
Old Man (Old Man Cave) X
Mountain Cave (Old Man House) X
Death Mountain Return Cave X
Pegasus Rocks X
20 Rupee Cave X
50 Rupee Cave X
Mini Moldorm Cave X
Spectacle Rock Cave X
Spike Cave X
Paradox Cave X
Superbunny Cave X
Hookshot Cave X
Mimic Cave X
Spiral Cave X
Fairy Ascension Cave X
Hookshot Fairy Cave X
Kakariko Well X
Bumper Cave X
Dark Sanctuary Hint X
East Dark World Hint X
Hype Cave X
Link's Uncle X
Mire Shed X
Dark Desert Hint X
Checkerboard Cave X
Hammer Pegs X
Dark Lake Hylia Ledge Spike Cave X
Dark Lake Hylia Ledge Hint X
Lost Woods Hideout X
King's Tomb X
Capacity Upgrade X
Dam X
Waterfall Fairy X
Magic Bat X
Graveyard Ledge X
Palace of Darkness Hint X
Sahasrahla's Hut X
Pyramid Fairy X
Aginah's Cave X
Cave 45 X

Expanded Soundtrack


15, 60-61 (3 total)

No. Function Name Notes
15 Dark World Lost Woods Skeleton Forest
60 Light World Overworld 2.0 After Pedestal pull; fallback to LW OW 1.0 (2)
61 Dark World Overworld 2.0 After 7 Crystals got; fallback to DW OW 1.0 (9)

Dungeon Interiors

35-46, 59 (by dungeon; fallback to Pendant/Crystal theme (17, 22); 13 total)

No. Function Name Notes
35 Eastern Palace
36 Desert Palace
37 Agahnim's Tower Hyrule Castle Tower
38 Swamp Palace
39 Palace of Darkness
40 Misery Mire
41 Skull Woods
42 Ice Palace
43 Tower of Hera
44 Thieves' Town
45 Turtle Rock
46 Ganon's Tower
59 Ganon's Tower Ascent

Boss Fights

47-58 (by dungeon; fallback to Boss Fight (21); 12 total)

No. Function Name Notes
47 Eastern Palace
48 Desert Palace
49 Agahnim's Tower Hyrule Castle Tower
50 Swamp Palace
51 Palace of Darkness
52 Misery Mire
53 Skull Woods
54 Ice Palace
55 Tower of Hera
56 Thieves' Town
57 Turtle Rock
58 Ganon's Tower

Connor Mac Controversy

This guy claimed the in-game track for the File Select, Game Over and Fairy Fountain sequences as his own. Conversely, Smooth McGroove says that he's cool with people streaming his music. An MSU pack honoring this has been made available.

MSU Replacement Packs

Name Pack Author Link
Smooth McGroove Mike Trethewey link
Four Swords Adventures JRJathome link

MSUPCM++ Usage

1. Launch executable, process tracks of range as defined by first_track and last_track (all tracks if neither are defined), as described by default JSON document tracks.json


2. Launch executable, process tracks as #1, as described in songs.json

msupcm songs.json

3. Launch executable, process tracks x through y (using switch -k) as described by default JSON document

msupcm -k x:y

2 & 3 can be combined.

4. Launch executable, process input file input.pcm (using switch -i), normalize to -21dB (using switch -n), output to output.pcm

msupcm -i input.pcm -n -21 -o output.pcm

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