Waterfall Fairy

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Waterfall Fairy^
World Light World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Floor {{{floor}}}
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Cost 0
Standing 0
Chests 2
Bombable 0
Bonkable 0
Other 0
Viewable prior to Accessible

The Waterfall Fairy has two treasure chests. The Flippers are required.

No Glitches

The Flippers are required.

Minor Glitches

If you do not have the Flippers, you can perform the Fake Flippers glitch to use the whirlpool near the Capitalism Fairy to travel near to the Waterfall Fairy. If you have the Moon Pearl, you can enter the cave, exit the cave, re-enter, and open the treasure chests.


She upgrades your Fighters' Shield to the Red Shield and your Boomerang to the Magical Boomerang.