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Getting there

The path of the YBA from Thieves' Town to Eastern Palace

Easter Palace is already the dungeon you can get to anytime you want to, but there's an overworld glitch that could get you there faster by wrapping the screen: Eastern Teleport

A somewhat finicky subtile YBA from Thieves' Town (NL) (described in that page) reaches the dark room with the key in Eastern Palace, and can be used after another YBA to reach Eastern Palace in cave state.

Getting around

Door juke to the Big Key Chest

This door juke lets you get from the Easter Palace Lobby to the big key chest (the chest on the west side guarded by four anti-fairies) quickly, and only requires the Cane of Somaria. You can probably also cause the juke with bombs.

Briefly, you perform a south door juke in the left door of the Eastern Palace to screen-wrap, then transition north, and this places you on the bridge toward the big key chest.

You start by snapping into the door as far as possible while holding a somaria block -- this is similar to the setup in sewer door deletion, but you are not trying to cause the more serious Somaria Door glitch where you push the block through the door, so don't inch upward after throwing the block.

Your location will be glitched in such a way that you can't take damage from enemies, even if you try. Mirroring back to the entrance is an effective next step. If you want to death-warp to the entrance, you'll need to blow yourself up with bombs. You won't be able to see the bombs, but they'll still hit you.

Opening the big key door with the Cane of Somaria

If you perform Somaria Transition Corruption by pushing a Somaria block on the west edge of the room with the big chest, the big key door will open. As a side-effect, the state of the big chest (which is presumably closed) will be copied onto the compass chest, allowing you to duplicate the item in that chest.

Before performing this glitch, it's important to touch the big key door (getting the message that you need the big key). This initializes a value that prevents the glitch from taking 18 minutes.

The doorway is deep and you won't be able to see yourself reach the westmost position on the tile. You can get there reliably by taking advantage of item snapping: pressing right while holding a Somaria block inside the door will snap you to the left to a multiple of 8 pixels. You want to get to the fifth snap position inside the door, then throw the block and push it left.

Surprisingly for Somaria Transition Corruption, you can walk through doors normally after this, including collecting the duplicated item. However, the dungeon is broken because all the enemies and small keys are gone. You can mirror or save and quit to make progress.

Hookpush to Armos knights (no bow/Big key)

You can hookpush to get into the fight against Armos from the first room. This is the first application in [foxlisk's Intro to Hookpushing] and a great place to practice this tech.

Hookpush with beams to Armos

Where you can go

Getting the crystal

Some ways to get the Eastern Palace crystal, besides the intended way: