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Hyrule Castle Escape is typically called just "Hyrule Castle" in a randomizer context. It also contains the Sewers, which are technically a different dungeon that you enter when you go through the throne door. This technical distinction becomes relevant because you can manipulate it for dungeon ID swapping.

Getting there

Besides the usual way into the castle, Hera to Sewer gets you into the front of the sewers from Tower of Hera (NL). Bringing a small key will get you to the back of the sewers from there, and sewer door deletion lets you access the front of Hyrule Castle.

In an inverted start, this could give you access to the castle and the Fake Light World by chaining a YBA from Palace of Darkness (NL) to Tower of Hera (NL) with Hera to Sewer.

Getting around

In an Open seed, the front of Hyrule Castle and the "dark cross" room in the Sewers are accessible from the start of the game. You can reach Zelda's cell with any sufficient weapon. It can be useful to go to Zelda's cell before performing a cave-state glitch (such as Kiki Skip), because the cell guard drops the Hyrule Castle big key, one of the keys that counts as a big key in cave state.

To reach the three items in back, you either need to steal a key (such as by not going to Zelda's cell) or use gloves to open the graveyard entrance.

In a Standard No Logic seed, you will almost certainly want to enter Hyrule Castle first, even though you probably won't be able to complete the escape sequence. Talking to your uncle in the secret passage unlocks some important things:

  • The ability to save: if you "Save and Quit" before talking to your uncle, your save file will be empty
  • The ability to use the B button, for swinging your sword or buffering inputs

Fortunately, you can leave the escape sequence with an overworld glitch.

Escape Escape

Escape Escape is an application of the Exploration Glitch that gets you from inside the castle grounds to outside. While most applications of EG are banned in racing, you will perform this EG on the castle balcony, making it an overworld glitch that is allowed.

Arm the exploration glitch by saving and quitting in midair as you jump down off a ledge, such as the ledge in the castle lobby. This puts you back in the secret passage. Make your way to the castle balcony without bonking or taking damage. Then, deliberately bonk to activate EG. You will effectively be under the balcony, and can hop out by jumping off the bottom right ledge where the guard is.

(In a bootsless standard start, you can achieve the result of bonking by arming Lonk state and touching the tower barrier. This is used in this RMG All Dungeons run of the vanilla game.)

This puts you outside the castle grounds, but still in the guards' secure zone. Use an overworld glitch such as a teleport to get out into the wider world.

Avoid encountering the guards from the wrong side. The screen will wrap when they catch you, and if you go over a screen transition, the game will most likely screenwrap forever (the "bad end"). You may be able to recover this situation by navigating to Link's house, using the map screen to show your accurate position.

Where you can go

A south subtile YBA in the key-rat room gets you to the Tower of Hera (NL).