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A door juke is when you cross over the transition point of a door without causing the door transition to happen. This is usually one step that sets up for another glitch, such as the south door juke using the Cane of Somaria that sets up for sewer door deletion.

The vanilla wiki has a detailed explanation of door jukes.

South and east door jukes in non-auto doors can be performed, among other methods, by snapping into the door using the Cane of Somaria. Due to historical confusion, try to call this an "item juke with Somaria" and not a "Somaria juke", because "Somaria juke" is a confusing and obsolete term: it originally conflated the Door Juke and Somaria Transition Corruption, which are two different effects that aren't always used at the same time.

You can juke the same doors as an item juke, as well as any west-facing door, using Mirror Door. You cannot juke a north-facing door like this; a northward Mirror Door has a different effect.

Many glitches can be performed in north-facing doors, but the only known way to juke a north-facing door -- to skip over the door transition -- is with Statue Drag.