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Getting there

Two common overworld glitches can get you into Ice Palace if you're in Link form in the dark world:

If you have a bottle, a north subtile YBA in the door inside Kakariko Well gets you to Ice Palace in cave state. The floor will be wonderfully non-slippery on the tile where you enter.

You can leave the dungeon (being sure not to pick up a key in cave state) and re-enter to be in Ice Palace state. You won't be in bunny form, because the outside of the dungeon will be in the Fake Dark World.

Getting around

In Hybrid Major Glitches and No Logic, you can use an out-of-bounds bomb clip to skip the top floor of Ice Palace, allowing you to get in without having the Fire Rod or Bombos. Throw a bomb right from a particular position (X coordinate $D60, Y coordinate $1BD), dash into it along the bottom wall, and hold up-left after the bomb explodes. The images below show the setup steps.

Getting the prize

YBA to Kholdstare

You can reach Kholdstare with a spin supertile YBA, if you're missing the gloves or hammer.

This method uses a blue potion:

With a red potion, it's almost the same, but you'll get heavy VRAM corruption. Release the sword spin for your spin supertile YBA during the fade-out effect. You will experience a lot of visual corruption and random sound effects for several seconds, then you'll fall into the Kholdstare boss fight automatically.

Remember that the item you had selected was a bottle, so you can blindly navigate the menu to the item you need. Kholdstare will appear as squares that are corrupted differently than their surroundings. Enjoy fighting Kholdsquare.

Wrong warp to Arrghus

If you have defeated Arrghus in Swamp Palace (NL), and you don't need to defeat Kholdstare, you can wrong warp to a room on the same supertile as Arrghus' room to collect the Ice Palace prize. One way uses Somaria transition corruption to create a hole you can fall in:

A slightly messier method using a bottle instead of the Cane of Somaria is a spin supertile YBA in the same door, which causes you to fall to the same place with heavy VRAM corruption.