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Getting there

You can get to any of the entrances of Turtle Rock using overworld glitches:

If you don't have the Moon Pearl, you can use Fake Flute to get Link state in the Dark World and then climb Death Mountain to do one of the above glitches, or use the mirror clip to reach the middle ledge in bunny form.

Getting around

Somaria to the roller room

If you're lacking the Fire Rod, you can skip the torch room that requires it and get to the roller room with the two chests using Somaria transition corruption.

Be careful not to fall after corrupting the transition with the cane -- falling will take you to an empty room adjacent to Agahnim 2 where you can't do anything except save and quit. Part of the railing isn't there anymore.

After reaching the chests, mirror or take a death. Going through the south door may hardlock you.

Where you can go

  • To do: Lava dive to Agahnim
  • To do: STC to Ganon's Tower

Getting the prize

Double YBA to Trinexx

You can reach Trinexx with two bottles, skipping the requirement for the big key and the Cane of Somaria.

Wrong warp to Arrghus

If you have defeated Arrghus in Swamp Palace (NL), and you don't need to defeat Trinexx, you can wrong warp to a room on the same supertile as Arrghus' room to collect the Turtle Rock prize. Perform a subtile YBA in the north door leading to the rupee room you forgot was even there, then walk directly north and fall in a pit made of question marks to reach the tile where you'll collect a prize if Arrghus is dead.

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