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The Tower of Hera is a hub that you can reach from many different places using No Logic glitches. You may end up collecting many of your crystals in its boss room.

Getting there

You can reach Hera very quickly with only boots. From the old man cave, do one of the Hera clips to wrap the screen and enter the Hera entrance.

You will also frequently enter Hera from other dungeons, often to collect their dungeon prizes:

Getting around

If you have the hookshot, Herapot (a minor glitch!) is a fast way to get from the ground floor (2F) to 5F.

Without a hookshot or the big key, you can still reach the top of Hera from other dungeons, such as with the subtile YBA from Eastern to Mire followed by Mire to Hera.

You need a small key to reach the tile room, but you may want to hold on to this small key so that you can use it in Swamp Palace (NL) instead.

Where you can go

Getting the crystal

If you have the hookshot or the big key, you have free reign of Hera and can easily collect its crystal.

If you have neither of those, one option is to use Kiki Skip to enter PoD in cave state, then YBA to Hera, then fall to the 3rd floor and open the big door. Leave and re-enter Hera and now you can climb to the top without a big key. You're also likely to naturally encounter another way to bring a big key to Hera in your run.