Chest Game

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Chest Game^
World Dark World
Subzone Village of Outcasts
Floor {{{floor}}}
Coordinates {{{coords}}}
Cost 30 Rupees
Standing 0
Chests 0
Bombable 0
Bonkable 0
Prize 1
Viewable prior to Accessible

The Chest Game is located in the Village of Outcasts. Each play of this minigame will let you open two treasure chests for 30 Rupees. The intended prize will always be found during the first time you play this minigame. It is guaranteed by the second chest you open and has a chance to be revealed in the first chest you open. The item jingle will play upon receiving the item.

Successive plays of the minigame will replace the intended prize with a consistent alternate prize. This may be useful in Rupee Farming if it's greater than 30 Rupees.