Rupee Farming

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No Inventory

Get Bombs

Southwest Light World Haunted Grove: 50% Chance Bombs Kakariko Village: Bombable Hut Kakariko Village: Bombable Hut Interior
Orange: South of Haunted Grove
Red: Bombable Hut
These two bushes have a 50% chance each to have a single bomb under it. Screen transition and return to reset the bushes. A mirror warp does not count as a screen transition.
Blast open this building in Southeast Kakariko Village.
There are some rats in here, be careful! Leave and re-enter to reset the pots.

Have Bombs

Kakariko Village Blind's Hideout Basement
30 Rupees
Leave and re-enter building to reset pots
Kakariko Village-Thief's Hut.png Thief's Hut Rupees.png

Have Gloves

Thief's Desert Hideout
50 Rupees
Leave and re-enter to reset pots
Desert Hideout Location.png Desert Hideout.gif
Desert Hideout Rupees.png

Have Dark Kakariko Access

Dark Kakariko Chest Game
Village of Outcasts Chest Game Location.png
Village of Outcasts Chest Game.png
Village of Outcasts Chest Game-Interior.png
In ALttPR, the Chest Game will give you a consistent prize each succeeding time that you play it. It may be something useful, like rupees.