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Link turns into a Bunny in the Dark World if you lack the Moon Pearl. This state is very limited in its actions.


Broadly you could say that as a Bunny you cannot use Y items and you cannot use the A button. However, there are exceptions. Generally, the *only* things you cannot use the A button to do is open chests, pick up rocks/bushes/etc, grab walls/trees/statues/etc, read signs, and dash. While a bunny you CAN talk to NPCS, pull the pedestal, drop a follower (the Super Bomb or the Purple Chest), ... (probably other things).

You cannot use most Y items as a bunny, with the exception of Bottles (to drink a potion or release a bee), the Mirror, the Book of Mudora (pull/read a tablet or open Desert Palace), or the Mushroom (you can turn it in to the Witch).

Bunny Logic

Navigating the world as a bunny can be required in all gameplay formats.

In Normal world state (Open/Standard) this can require you to:

In Inverted world state the bunny logic can require you to:

In Entrance Randomizer, you may be required to navigate the dark world as well.

In Retro State, the logic does not currently consider a sword in a take-any cave as being in logic if you would have to grab it as a Bunny.

Minor Glitches

There are several minor glitches which can help you to navigate the game as a bunny, sometimes circumventing some or all of the bunny limitations:


Link's Bunny state is initially seen on Death Mountain when on the way to Tower of Hera. The Magic Mirror is used to progress.