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World Light World
Subzone Kakariko Village
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Cost Save Frogsmith
10 Rupees
Standing 0
Chests 0
Bombable 0
Bonkable 0
Other 0
Viewable prior to Accessible

The Blacksmith's house is located in the Light World east of Kakariko Village. The path is due east of the Kakariko Tavern.


To perform this quest, you must first save the Frogsmith. He's located south of the Village of Outcasts. The Titan's Mitt is required to release him from his prison. If you have the Magic Mirror, you can walk back to the location of their house, Mirror back, and enter their home.

If you do not have the Magic Mirror, you'll need to Save & Quit to return to the Light World.

Once he rejoins his partner, you need to leave the house, re-enter, and pay 10 Rupees to receive their item.

Upon completing that quest, the Purple Chest becomes available. Paying the 10 Rupees and collecting the item is not required to spawn the Purple Chest.